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Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Thu Aug 15 11:11:35 MDT 1996

My server,  having been down ca. 24 hours,  has suddenly exploded forth with
queued messages.    After a cursory reading,  I'm prepared to admit that
there is something to be said for benign malfunctions.

Carrol takes me to task for "professor baiting" then reveals that he is an
"Assistant Professor".    I have never called anyone "Assistant Professor"
in my life,  even assistant professors,  preferrring instead the more
economical "Professor."    Simple enough.    Nor do I mean to ridicule other
people's problems or illnesses.    I was unaware of whatever affliction
Carrol has managed to suffer through and persevere,  other than an oblique
reference he made in a post the other day.     Carrol has never been on my
"delete" list.    I salute his courage in sharing that with the other list
members,  as well as with me.

My reason for engaging with Carrol was,  essentially,  to take issue with
the notion that the left in America was not somehow connected to the
mainstream of national politics,  that it was not  shaped in large part by
its experiences within it,  and that any attempt to merge communist ideas
with the traditions contained in US political life were certainly doomed to
failure.     The rise of such sentiments seemed to me to coincide with the
birth of the "new left" in America which,  in my mind,  was located largely
in the universities.    Hence the connection with Carrol's livelihood as a

Implicit in my post is an invitation to Carrol (and others) to expand on his
views.   Carrol has,  for the time being, demurred.    I will close by
saying that nothing in America is "resolutely anti-political" regardless of
the sentiments of our national ownership,  or whatever appetites power its
activities.     There is a mainstream of American life,  lurching badly to
the right at the moment,  it may seem,  but one that invites, by its very
nature,  the attention of those whose revolutionary politics have not
blinded them to current possiblities.

Louis Godena

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