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Subject: SciCult - [FWD] 'Capitalism & Info Age'

The summer issue of Monthly Review entitled Capitalism and the
Information Age includes the following articles:

The Global Struggle for Democratic Communication
by Robert McChesney

Modernity, Postmodernity, or Capitalism
by Ellen Meiksins Wood

Virtual Capitalism: The Political Economy of the Information Highway
by Michael Dawson and John Bellamy Foster

Privatization of Telecommunications
by Nicholas Baran

World Wide Wedge: Division and Contradiction in the Global
Information Infrastructure
by Peter Golding

Democracy and the New Technologies
by Ken Hirschkop

Work, New Technology, and Capitalism
by Peter Meiksins

The Propaganda Model Revisited
by Edward Herman

These articles reveal how th enew technologies have been "grafted
onto a global capitalist system characterized by vast and growing
inequality, economic stagnation, market saturation, financial
instability, urban crisis, social polarization, graded access to
information, [and] ecological degradation ..." While acknowledging
the exciting political potential of the Internet and other digital
technologies, this issue of MR shows how the potentialities of the
"information age" are distorted by the actualities of contemporary

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