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Thu Aug 15 16:14:38 MDT 1996

Re:  Karl Carlile's reply....

Being the kind of people who actually have to pay for our access to the
Internet (and hence to this list), Kate & I have one account between us.
Sadly, this tends to result in one of us finding / getting involved in
Bulletin Boards and Mailing Lists well in advance of the other, especially
since we also have lives.

The result of that tends to be that one of us will join in to debates that
the other has been party to for some time.

Generally speaking, I don't know why, Kate tends to be less enthusiastic
about discussion in this medium, and it is taking some time to convince her
that things like the Marxism list are of any value. Today, I got home from
work before her and found:

> I also think that Nick himself should reply to his own mail rather
> than having you wheeled out to defend and protect him in this
> maternal way Katie. He is now a big boy I take it.
> I also doubt if Karl will reply to your message since he is of the
> view, I suspect, that it is resembles the reaction of a mother when her
> little son has been hurt by the bold boys.

Speaking for myself, I am not in the least bit interested in this kind of
If, underneath all this, Karl is actually interested in a continuing debate,
I am quite happy to give him one (provided he understands that sometimes I
will be too busy to reply to his messages immediately). As part of that
debate, I have posted separately some letters by Engels on this, and the
related thread of Marxists and the Labour Party.

However, whether Kate will feel it's worth continuing to read mail posted
here, when her first contribution is responded to like that remains to be

I've noticed several postings recently that make reference to the number of
subscribers to the list. I wonder if anyone has any idea how many of those
subscribers are women. My guess would be very few. My second guess would be
that contributions like the above will be doing nothing to help, and plenty
to keep women from posting.

> speculations. Karl, unlike your Nick, makes up his own mind on these
> things. He is not a New Age man.


> partners). Wasn't Lenin going to get his
> partner to lead the Bolshevik Party for him? Did not Lenin when he

Not that I know of. But she did write several pamphlets on revolutionary
politics, and served for quite a few years on the Bolshevik Party's
central committee. I suspect that no-one considered her contributions in
debates to be the equivalent of Lenin's mommy sticking up for him.

It's one thing for Kate to introduce herself as my partner. It is another
for Karl to deduce from that that she is nothing more.



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