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Thu Aug 15 16:18:36 MDT 1996

In a message dated 96-08-14 19:31:53 EDT, MIM3 writes:

<< Tony, Gina and others kid themselves that this Detroit strike
 is proletarian-led.  >>

MIM3, you must have gotten your Mao button out of a cracker-
jack box, and your high school diploma or GED or whatever too,
because you can't even  read besides.  NO ONE you mention,
on this list or otherwise EVER said the Detroit newspaper strike
is led by the proletariat, or even that the proletariat is invloved.

The Chinese revolutionaries had a word for this kind of arguement:
"setting up a straw man".  In other words, you can't defeat the
ACTUAL arguement of your opponent, because that arguement
is mainly correct.  So instead you make up something that is
easy to defeat -- like saying that Tony and/or I claim that the
Detroit Newspaper Workers' stirke is "proletarian led", which is
obviously incorrect.  You count of your audience having a short

Your hero Adolfo is real good at this technique too.  Y'all must
have gone to the same school!   PLEASE do us all a favor,
go back to my previous post and follow the suggestions.

Gina/ Detroit

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