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[Tony says]
   Lou I agree that MIM is about as Marxist as the nation of islam.
I wonder what their class background is, being that their located
mainly in Ann Arbour and Cambridge I have a pretty good idea. I would
like to know how the printers, press operatores, drivers and other
workers have committed crimes against the people? Besides many whom MIM
calls imperialist mouthpieces are reporters and columnist who display a
million times more proletarian consciousness than MIM.

MIM replies: Oh I get it Tony; "proletarian" is a buzzword
for imperialist politics including the semi-proletariat's alliance
with the imperialists against the oppressed nations. Now
everything you say makes sense to me! (Snicker, snicker.)

Below are some samples of this great
proletarian consciousness a million times greater than MIM's,
>from the strikers' own newspaper. Here is what they have to
say now that they are on their own "independent": "Please
let us back as imperialist mouthpieces! We will bring you
more profit than the replacements!"

1. An article reporting the ruling class fight over how
cops should be let go without a word from the oppressed.
2. A UPI article regurgitating the State Dept. on Lebanon with
other usual UPI stories.
3. The local specialty of these mouthpieces, eulogizing the
great Michigan Governor Romney. That article is a fair
indication of the mouthpieces since they are after all Michigan
reporters and Romney should be considered their area of expertise.

I thank Tony so much for directing all of us to the correct
proletarian politics. I had completely forgotten what a revolutionary
service UPI is. (Barf, barf, barf)

If anything, this proves the nature of the semi-proletarian
alliance with imperialism. It's cast in stone even in this
supposedly so great and militant strike. And it is a militant
strike--for semi-proletarian alliance with imperialism.

Sunday, April 28, 1996
Ex-cop cleared of neglect in Malice Green case

By Gene Schabath
Detroit Journal Staff Writer

A Recorder's Court judge has overturned the misdemeanor neglect of duty
conviction of former Detroit Police Sgt. Freddie Douglas, on the grounds
that the prosecutor's "grossly inflammatory and prejudicial" statements in
court about beating victim Malice Green overshadowed the merits of the

Recorder's Court Judge Margie Braxton said comments Assistant Wayne County
Prosecutor Robert Donaldson made in opening and closing statements
"appealed to the jury's sympathies for the victim and, thus, the
conviction requires reversal."

Douglas was the supervising officer at the scene in November 1993, when
Green was beaten to death by Detroit undercover police Officers Larry
Nevers and Walter Budzyn.

Both officers were convicted of second-degree murder. Nevers was sentenced
to 12 years in prison and Budzyn to eight years.

A judge threw out a felony case against Douglas before it went to trial,
but he was convicted of the neglect-of- duty misdemeanor by a 36th
District Court jury in July 1995. Douglas, who was sentenced to probation
on the neglect conviction, was reinstated to the force after his felony
case was dismissed.

He has since retired and is looking for a job and a home down South, said
his attorney, David Griem. Griem said Douglas will seek to collect about a
year and half of back pay that he lost when he was off the force.

Donaldson said he was told by Wayne County Prosecutor John O'Hair that
Braxton's ruling would be appealed to the State Appeals Court.

In his appeal to Recorder's Court, Griem said Donaldson was guilty of
prosecutorial misconduct by making statements that at the beginning and
end of the "most sensational case in Michigan jurisprudence" were
prejudicial statements that put Green's death on the head of Douglas.

"The test of whether Freddie Douglas violated Malice Green's rights was
proven by the fact that Green was dead and that Green might not be dead
had the defendant performed his duties under the law," Donaldson said in
his opening statements.

In the rebuttal portion of his closing argument - which precluded defense
attorney Griem from responding - Donaldson said "that if police fail to
enforce the laws they were sworn to uphold, we have gone down the road to
totalitarianism and injustice."

Griem argued that both statements were designed to invoke the conscience
and passion of the jury and were bigger than the issues at trial.

Braxton agreed: "This court is unable to say that the jury was not
diverted from the merits of the prosecution's case."

Griem was miffed that O'Hair is going to appeal. "Somehow given the
history of this case, I'm not surprised," he said.

Earlier, Griem said the Recorder's Court ruling meant vindication for

"When the jury came back in this case, I said at the time that this was
the most disappointing verdict I had ever had. It just seems that enough
is enough and it's time for us to put all of this behind us and move
forward," Griem said.

"Freddie Douglas is a good man and was a good police officer for 19-1/2
years. He never, ever had any disciplinary charges against him. He had
just an unblemished record," Griem said.

"He had an exemplary career. That night he was not required to go to the
scene, but, based on a police broadcast that an officer was in trouble, he
went and then found himself in the middle of a terrible tragedy that led
to a terrible controversy," Griem said.

Shelling slows as Lebanon truce begins

United Press International

BEIRUT - Relative calm prevailed as the weekend began in southern Lebanon
after the announcement of a cease-fire due to start at dawn. It could put
an end to 16 days of Israeli-Hezbollah hostilities in the region.

"Very few" Israeli shells were being fired on Shiite locations in southern
Lebanon, a spokesperson of the Unit-ed Nations peacekeeping forces said.

No Israeli air strikes against Lebanon or rocket attacks by guerrillas of
the Iran-backed Hezbollah into northern Israel were reported early

Fighting had raged shortly after the announcement of the cease-fire.
Hundreds of Israeli artillery shells hit Lebanon, and more than 50
Katyusha rockets were shot into northern Israel.

A Lebanese civilian was killed during an afternoon Israeli shelling east
of the southern port of Tyre.

Half an hour after Prime Minister Rafik Hariri began to tell reporters in
Beirut about the cease-fire, Israeli patrol ships shelled a Lebanese
coastal road, while Israeli aircraft attacked the Zahrani area midway
between Tyre and Sidon.

At the same time, Hezbollah guerrillas continued to fire rockets into
northern Israel, with no casualties reported.

Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and U.S. Secretary of State Warren
Christopher detailed terms of the cease-fire in Jerusalem, and a
spokesperson for the Iran-backed Hezbollah said in Damascus, the Syrian
capital, that the guerrillas would also accept the truce.

Christopher put the finishing touches to the cease-fire terms in Damascus
Friday after a week of shuttling between the Syrian and Israeli capitals.

Hezbollah, or Party of God, is among several Lebanon-based hard-line
groups that oppose the Middle East peace process and seek to force Israel
to withdraw from occupied territories.

Their chief target is Israel's 9-mile-deep self-proclaimed security zone
set up inside southern Lebanon in 1985 to protect northern Israel from
guerrilla attacks. About 1,000 Israeli soldiers and their 1, 800-member
allied militia normally control the enclave.

House approves adoption tax break

WASHINGTON -- The House overwhelmingly passed a bill providing families
that adopt children with a $5,000 tax break
if they have incomes of $75,000 a year or less. The 393-15 vote comes less
than a week after President Clinton praised the legislation and pledged to
sign it. The bill also would make it easier for families to adopt children
of different ethnic or racial backgrounds

Sex not likely to kill you

CHICAGO -- The risk of a non-smoking, 50-year-old man having a heart
attack within two hours after sex is only two in a million, Harvard
researchers report. For people who have already had one heart attack, the
risk rises to 20 in a million.

Ethics panel clears Bonior

WASHINGTON -- The House ethics committee has dismissed a political
watchdog group's complaint that Democratic Whip David Bonior violated
House rules by putting his wife on his payroll. The panel said the
allegation by the Landmark Legal Foundation warranted "no further
inquiry," because the Michigan lawmaker's wife worked in his office for
some time
before the two married. "This confirms that the Landmark complaint was
just a cowardly, political stunt," Bonior said.

14 Marines die in crash

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C -- Fourteen U.S. Marines were killed and two seriously
injured when two Marine Corps helicopters collided in pre-dawn darkness
here Friday.

The helicopters were a part of Joint Task Force Exercise 96, which
involves about 53,000 U.S. and British troops, but no Britons were aboard
either aircraft, whose pilots were wearing night-vision equipment.

Hospitals fine non-virgins

BEIJING -- Hospitals in central China's industrial city of Wuhan have
begun fining women who come in for a pre-marital checkup and are believed
to have lost their virginity, a Chinese newspaper reports. The women face
fines ranging from $25 to $240, the Nanfang Weekly said, noting the
practice has touched off a controversy over how much moral control the
government should wield.

United Press International

, July 27, 1995

Former Michigan governor George Romney dies

Republican stood out of every pack he ran with

Detroit Journal Political Columnist

Much that will be said and written about George W. Romney this week will
dwell on "gas-guzzling dinosaurs" and

And that's too bad.

Both items, of course, merit big play in any Romney obituary (and we'll
get around to them ourselves). But the danger lies in their potential to
overshadow the less dramatic but far more important mark that Mr. Romney
-- who was 88 when he died early Wednesday of an apparent heart attack
while on a treadmill in the exercise room of his Bloomfield Hills home --
left as one of Michigan's truly PROGRESSIVE Republican governors

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