The Evolution of Cuban Communism or Cuban Socialism?

hariette spierings hariette at
Thu Aug 15 18:20:46 MDT 1996

>I beg to differ with you from my reading of Marx.  Marx's vision of a
>workers' state was one run by workers.  This requires the existence of
>competing parties, candidates, presses, etc.

The reason why parties exist is because people - within class society - have
different and competing interests.  Ergo, the party struggle is the
political expression of the class struggle.  Parties are expression of the
different and competing class interests within any given society!

On the other hand, a "workers state" presuposes that all citizens are in
fact part of the working class!  Who does not work, he shall not eat,
meaning that the idle do not enjoy citizens rights.  Ergo, no exploiting
classes and no parties other than the class proletarian party whose
existance is necessary while the suppression of the exploiting classes is
necessary.  Ergo, no parties and not state as such when that is no longer
necessary, i.e. when class society, and the consequent need for parties,
democracy, dictatorship, etc has dissapeared.

To talk about Marxism and to pontificate about "workers states" without the
most basic idea of what constitutes classes and class interests, the state,
democracy, dictatorship, etc. is really rather useless.


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