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Dear rich,

your position on the "anti-imperialist' nature of WW2 seems untenable .

 the USA , Britain , France, Holland, Belgium were imperialist in WW1, these
capitalist societies had to be imperialist in WW2. To say that a capitalist
nation state goes from imperialism to anti-imperialism with no real change in
base of society is idealist clap-trap.
to imply that they were fighting for some other purpose ("democracy " "freedom'
'anti-imperialism") in the main is to make a mockery of the  materialist
scientific analysis of marxism and promote capitalist propaganda, but this is
what the CPGB and kindred spirits did and are still doing today.

Their  "anti-fascist' fight with the fascists was over cheap labor, raw
and world domination and the fact that the "anti-fascists' , Russia, ,Britain,
etc carved out their own deals with the fascist powers, Germany ,italy,  etc
before the war  began, their Munich Pact , Moscow" Non-agression pact' is proof
enough of that

as concernas the' USSR' it too had clearly  'advanced' along the state
capitalist path   since the mid 20s with the  state cap new ruling class in the
saddle riding herd over the workers in spite of "socialist' trappings and it
formally became imperialist too by 1939...

sowing illusions about any imperialists still being somehow progressive in this
epoch and worth  workers blood and lives to defend is part of the reason that
'left' a la the CPGP, CPUSA and hangers on have lost much of there credibility
with the working class in so so many countries!


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