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NICK.HOLDEN at geo2.poptel.org.uk wrote:
> Re:  Karl Carlile's reply....

> However, whether Kate will feel it's worth continuing to read mail posted
> here, when her first contribution is responded to like that remains to be
> seen.
> I've noticed several postings recently that make reference to the number of
> subscribers to the list. I wonder if anyone has any idea how many of those
> subscribers are women. My guess would be very few. My second guess would be
> that contributions like the above will be doing nothing to help, and plenty
> to keep women from posting.
> > speculations. Karl, unlike your Nick, makes up his own mind on these
> > things. He is not a New Age man.
> Evidently.
> > partners). Wasn't Lenin going to get his
> > partner to lead the Bolshevik Party for him? Did not Lenin when he
> Not that I know of. But she did write several pamphlets on revolutionary
> politics, and served for quite a few years on the Bolshevik Party's
> central committee. I suspect that no-one considered her contributions in
> debates to be the equivalent of Lenin's mommy sticking up for him.
> It's one thing for Kate to introduce herself as my partner. It is another
> for Karl to deduce from that that she is nothing more.
> Regards,
> NickH

I have re-posted part of Nick's reply to Karl because he makes a number
of important points.

A question about Marxist politics I would like an answer to is: Why does
it exclude women when it should be more attractive to women than any
other political thought?

I know that in my party, which is probobly better than most, only 25% of
members are women. 33% of the Central Committee are women. On the New
Worker, all the technical side is male, and most of the editorial side is

Concidering the majority of the population is female, this is not good.

Answers anyone?
Best wishes,

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