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Thu Aug 15 23:41:11 MDT 1996

Carrol Cox wrote:
>     I did not miss the debate--I read all the postings constituting
> it. And I still predict that those arguing today to support the
> Democratic Party in the U.S. or the Labour p in U.K. will either
> get absorbed into a morass or eventually regret their participation.
> Nothing will be gained for any of the sectors of the working class
> in either of the nations by such support. I'm not arguing now--I'm
> simply making a prediction: 8 year limit on its satisfaction.

I do not think that it is correct to equate the two organisations.
If you read the publications of the NCPB, you would see that we have no
illusions about the Labour Party. There is a battle for it's soul going
on right now, and it could go either way. I do not think that I would
regret what our policy is now, but that does not mean that our policy
towards it would not change, if it's soul was lost.

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