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Fri Aug 16 05:20:55 MDT 1996

Mhy is it that both Adam Rose and Steve Wallis insist on putting "UK" as part
of their addresses?

"United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", too give it its full

Now, I know that Militant take a lousy position with regard to the armed
struggle for national liberation in Ireland, but surely this is taking it a
bit far even for them.

And I wonder what Adam Rose's comrades in the Socialist Workers Movement in
Ireland think of him using the term UK in this way? I wonder what Eamonn
McCann would have to say abouut it.

There is a serious issue here - even though I am only pulling this pair's leg
- I dn't seriously think that all Trotskyists and semi-Trotskyists in
Manchester hold pro-Unionist views on the question of Ireland. Some who call
themselves Communists in this country [concretely, the supporters of the
Weekly Worker newspaper] have put out the idea of adopting the title
"Communist Party of the United Kingdom," arguing that the workers in both
Britain and the occupied six counties of north-east Ireland should unite to
fight in a single organisation against the "real" enemy - British capitalism.

I'm sure our friends in Manchester would not go along with that. Or would
they? Perhaps they'd like to let us know what they think about Ireland and
the struggle there.

For Communism and Irish freedom
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