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Fri Aug 16 13:55:05 MDT 1996

Dear All,

I am posting this appeal for support for the Liverpool dock workers.
Please pass this on to your union organisation. Send solidarity messages.
I will try and get an email address if possible.

                Support the Liverpool dockers

The fight by 500 Liverpool dockers to regain their jobs, after they were
sacked for refusing to cross a picket line, is nearly a year old.
 And the campaign to support them, far from showing any signs of
weakening, is growing steadily throughout the world.
 The Liverpool dockers have a long history of internationalism. During
the period of apartheid they refused to work on Namibian and south
African ships.
 They boycotted Chilean vessels after the bloody overthrow of Allende.
 And even now they are still engaged in international solidarity work in
support of Turkish and Kurdish workers fighting for civil Liberties.
 Recently a group of Liverpool dockers visited Turkey to give their
support to Turkish prisoners on hunger strike and to attend a conference
on welfare rights organised by the four biggest Turkish unions, and also
to speak to 20,000 striking textile workers.
 Nearer to home, the London Support Group for Liverpool Dockers continues
to organise pickets of the Drake International employment agency, which
recruits scab labour for the Merseyside Docks and Harbour Company; and of
the Canadian Pacific shipping company's headquarters in Trafalgar Square,
calling on it to boycott the Liverpool docks.
 A mass community march and rally is planned for Monday 19 August in
Liverpool itself, assembling 11.30 am at Quadrant Park, Derby Road.
 For further details of support activities contact the Liverpool dockers
on +44 151 207 3388, or the London support group on +44 171 387 4771 and
+44 171 226 9754.
 If you are dialling from within Britain, or the occupied part of Ireland
do not dial the 44, but add a 0 before the first 1.

Best wishes,

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