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Fri Aug 16 14:28:26 MDT 1996

On Fri, 16 Aug 1996, Carrol Cox wrote:

>     And further: not only does true (correct, adequate) theory
> have to emerge from struggles in the first place; unlike biblical
> theory, communist theory (established communist theory) must be
> endlessly re-learned from the midst of struggle. That is one

Louis: I wouldn't underestimate the value of this list for having enabled
a non-sectarian but revolutionary current to emerge over the last year and
a half. It has emerged through political struggle with Trotskyism mostly,
but has also steeled itself in struggle with left Social Democrats like
Tim Wolforth and Justin Schwartz.

One of the fruits of this effort is a new International Regroupment list
that was initiated by Per Mathisen and will be announced publicly to the
list before long.

Basically the current that Carrol, Doug, Zeynep, Gary McClennan, Rahul,
etc. identify with (even when we are not spatting with each other) is the
current that is best expressed in the pages of journals like Monthly
Review and Socialist Register. I guarantee that the contacts we have
established will not be lost. This may be nothing but a coffee shop for
Marxists and lunatics, but who knows what may grow out of it. I, for one,
remain excited by the possibilities.

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