Bougainville Update - 16/8/96

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Fri Aug 16 16:28:00 MDT 1996

Louis Proyect:

> Please stop posting this stuff [Bougainville updates].     We are not a
newsgroup. This list
>exists for the discussion of theoretical issues. There are many venues on
>the Internet where bulletins like these would have more impact. In
>general, news of this sort is only absorbed when the poster has some kind
>of relationship to the list, such as a Turkish member who informed us
>regularly of a hunger strike last month. You have no relationship to the
>list, do you?

Louis (G):  Lou,  I can't believe with all the shit that regularly chokes
this list,  you would single out a relatively innocuous posting--on the
average of,  what?  twice a month?--on something that is germane to many of
the discussions on Marxism 1.

Lighten up.

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