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>My friend Adolfo writes that MIM and its dreary entourage of disciples and
>imitators "have nothing to do" with Maoism as practised by those waging
>revolutionary war in the developing countries.    True enough,  but what
>exactly is "Maoism",  or is there a definable ideology that can generally be
>recognized as such,  even by non-Maoists like myself,  who nevertheless
>support whole-heartedly the communist revolutions in Peru and in the
>Is Maoism the struggle against "revisionism" within revolutionary political
>parties?     A primarily peasant war aimed at surrounding the urban center?
>Cultural revolutions as the vehicle to achieve a distant communist society?
>The uniting of the peasantry with the working class,  forging an alliance
>with the petty and middle bourgeoisie,  and the waging of people's wars?
>I can think of no one anywhere better placed than you,  Adolfo,  to fashion
>a working definition of Maoism to both counteract the facile nonsense of
>people like MIM,  Gina,  and Commander "Quispe",  and to provide a general
>guide for the rest of us.
>Louis Godena

I would simply say that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the ideology embodiying
the theory and practice of the last 150 years of the world proletarian
revolution at the stage it has achieved in its dialectical process of
development from the time of the "Communist Manifesto" to the present era,
the era of the 50 to 100 years of its strategic offensive.

Such ideological development is necessitated by the need to elevate and
sharpen Marxism-Leninism and to enable it to fulfil its liberating and
revolutionary tasks under present conditions, providing it with the
necessary ideological weapons to thoroughly overcome modern revisionism.

Chairman Gonzalo, had this to say in the same connection:

"And, what is Maoism?  Maoism is the raising of Marxism-Leninism to a third,
new, and superior stage in the struggle for proletarian leadership in the
democratic revolution, development and construction of socialism and
continuation of the revolution under proletarian dictatorship in the form of
proletarian cultural revolution, in an era in which imperialism sinks deeper
into decomposition and revolution has become the main historical trend, an
era unfolding amidst the most complex and great wars in history and of
implacable struggle against modern revisionism".


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