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<< On the other hand, the Quispe you defend on this list has
 said repeatedly that there is only one Maoist party in the world--
 the PCP.>>

ggg<< No, actually, it wasn't Quispe, it was Marcelina, and what
she said was that IF there was only one Maoist party in the world
it would be the PCP, NOT MIM.  And if there were only two Maoist
parties in the world, one would be the PCP and the other would
be NOT MIM.  And if there were only three Maoist parties in the
world...well, you get the picture...**


  >>>[Blah blah blah.....]
 to understand what is correct, but if you study Mao you will
 eventually come to an understanding of the scientific method.
 I'll give you a hint: it's not based on who says it, but
 what is said.>>>

ggg<<<Here's what Mao ACTUALLY said in "On Practice":
"Only social practice can be the criterion of truth.  The standpoint
of practice is the primary and basic standpoint in the dialectical
materialist theory of knowledge."

And in "Where do Correct Ideas Come From",  he says:
"Where do correct ideas come from?  Do they drop from the
skies? No.  They come from social practice, and from it alone;
they come from three kinds of social practice, the struggle for
production, the class struggle and scientific experiment."....

"...Then comes the second stage in the process of cognition,
the stage leading from consciousness back to matter, from
ideas back to existence, in which the knowledge gained in the
first stage is applied in social practice to ascertain whether the
theories, ploicies, plans or measures meet with the anticipated

"...Man's knowledge makes another leap through the test of
practice.  This leap is more important than the previous one.
For it is this leap alone that can prove the correctness or
incorrectness of the first leap in cognition, i.e., of the ideas,
theories, policies, plans or measures formulated in the course
of reflecting the objective external world.  There is no other way
of testing truth.  Furthermore, the one and only purpose of the
proletariat in knowing the world is to change it."

...Which leads me to ask, once again, what practice is MIM
basing their ridiculous "theories" of class on, and what practice
do they apply it to, and with what results?  WHERE ARE THE

Everyone knows the answer to that:  THEY DON'T EXIST!!!
Because in reality, MIM has no actual realtionship with the
actual proletariat.  They have all sorts of hair-brained "theories"
of who is -- and especially who is not -- a proletarian, but they
have no actual knowledge from practice of who or what the
proleatriat is, in the imperialist countries or anywhere else in
the world either.

**PSYCHE!  All that stuff about what Marcelina said -- I just made
that up, just to show that MIM isn't the only one who can make
up what someone else said!

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