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Fri Aug 16 17:58:39 MDT 1996

    "It is not our thing to write recipes for the cookshops of the
future; rather our task is the [I'm doing this from memory, and it
goes wispy here] [word?] criticism of all that is." (Karl Marx,s"
letter to [and I forget the name]) This 'rhymes' nicely with his
somewhat later statement that the arm of criticism must be completed
by the criticism of arms. What I objected to most in the "market
socialists" was their insistence on writing such recipes (and they
never did understand why Louis P and I called them utopians).

    We must hope that Barkley never becomes a Marxist, for he would
be a Platonic Marxist--i.e. a fascist.

>      And what is the alternative, Adam?  How was Trotsky
> to get the centrally planned hard push for industrialization
> that he wanted while avoiding bureaucracy?
>      As usual, you have avoided the main question.
> Barkley Rosser
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