Cuba: Workers State

Phil Locker jesusc at
Fri Aug 16 22:44:46 MDT 1996

I disagree with both TimWwhatever & Louis P.

Tim was right in saying that Cuba has no "democracy" but his definition
of democracy is pretty un-marxist & not materialist.

What Cuba is lacking is "workers democracy"; when the dictatorship of the
proletariat is excersized by the workers and not by a beuracratic
clique.  This is what Marx meant when he wrote that the Paris Commune was
the dictatorship of the proletarait [DOP].  Mass, direct, paticiapitory
democracy -- when the workers run society.  This is not the case in Cuba
today -- instead Beurecrats run and dictate society.

To TimW -- workers democracy does mean the suppresion of "rights", i.e.
the holding down of the bourgeoise and counter-revolutionaries.
It does not mean expropiating political rights from workers.

Workers democracy would have the following general characteristics [these
generalizations are not nice abstract thoughts from my head but the
actual experiance of workers councils, soviets & communes since Paris
1871, russia 1905, 1917, geramny 1918, spainish civil war, hungary 1956,
checkslovaki? 1968, france 1968, england 1926, etc, etc, etc...]

1) All political & state power in the hands of mass, working, workers
councils or soviets.

2) No standing army -- armed workers.

3) all elected officials paid average workers wage -- right to recall.

4) Proletarin democracy requires the existance of competing working class
parties to operate within the context of the soviets -- "free" exchange
of ideas, policies, etc.

All this would indicate the state is begining is wither away -- obviously
none of the above coincides with Cuba.

This does not mean revolutionaries should not support the cuban
revolution or fight against the economic embargo.  But support for the
progresive asspects -- the revolutionary tradition, the planned economy
and tremendous increases in standards of living -- does not mean we
should support the political dictators; the very rulers who are
undermining the victories of the revolution and preparing the way for
capitalist restoration.

To Louis:  Yes, i agree we should fight the embargo.  But this is to easy
-- that is how BS, petty-bourg. "fellow travellers" support revolutions.
No, the best way to support and save the cuban revolution is to fight for
socialism in the belly of the beast -- right here.  We have to build the
revolutionary forces, help the workers movement.  I would argue the most
fundemnetal step forward for US workers today, the biggest blow to the Us
imperalists, and accordingly the best support the cuban workers could
recieve is the building of a mass workers party -- a labor party.

Philip Locker
Labor Militant
New York City

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