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Sat Aug 17 00:03:09 MDT 1996

hariette spierings wrote:

> ... struggle for incorporating Chairman Mao's contributions to the universal
> ideology of the proletariat, the US would lag far behind European communists
> and revolutionaries, who are also citizens of "highly industrialised countries".
> In Europe, Chairman Mao and his contributions to the treasure chest of
> Marxism are now taken by the most advanced theoretical workers of the
> proletariat as very important - although, in true, as yet not as principal
> to the questions at hand.
> But things do not remain the same,....

It is true that Mao is looked on as a positive contributor to
Marxist-Leninist thinking, which would certainly not have been the case a
few years ago. Whether most Communists in Europe would ever describe
themselves as Maoists is another matter.

> On the other hand, what have the "developed countries" to contribute today
> in the theoretical field to resolve the problems of the revolution?  Only
> Marxism and Leninism, because revisionism, whether of the Second
> International variety or of the modern revisionist
> (Khruschev/Brezhnev/Gorbachev) variety are already long bankrupt.

I think that the raised interest in Mao has a lot to do with the above.
Marxist-Leninists realise their mistakes in the past, and are
strengthening their idealogy by looking again at many things that they
dismissed before.

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