Absolute and relative surplus value

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sat Aug 17 21:57:43 MDT 1996

Hugh publicly informs Richard (as if the rest of us didn't already know):

>[t]he stuff we have been arguing about is elementary.

Of course it is,  Hugh, but that is the whole point,  is it not,  to take
fairly simple--"elementary"--concepts and, through the competent employment
of purple prose and obscure jargon,  render them inapprehensible to all but
a handful of fellow pedants?

Richard's self-deprecating remark--if it is indeed genuine--is touching in
its naivete.    Even now,  I suspect,  his "congratulatees"  are snickering
over his drooling,  ill-advised "apology."    He will learn--if he sticks
around long enough--that the real "apology" for the Marxism list is due,
not to those who hold high their intellectual pretensions,   but, rather,
>from those whose committment to Marxism and social change goes no further
than technical gibberish and superficial arguments.

Louis Godena

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