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[I've already forwarded an article which appeared yesterday on
the newsgroup '' to this list, because of the interest
I think it may have. It's by "Klasber" and purportedly on my
background. Here I'm forwarding a reply I sent to the
same newsgroup today on the subject. - RM]

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This posting by "Klasber", which probably is short for "Klaus
Sender, Berlin", the chairman of a political party which IMO once
was a very good one indeed but which I since 1990 have found myself
obliged to criticize publicly as no longer really trustworthy,
calls for at least a brief comment on my part, I think.

I'll here snip the Klasber article except for the introductory part.

In article , klasber at says...


> >A man from the city of Malmoe, Sweden, Rolf Martens, a
>former member of the KPD/ML (NEUE EINHEIT), keeps
>publishing libels on our organization, at the same time
>trying to give the impression that he still has some
>connection with us, and is publishing articles and
>unauthorized translations of publications by us without
>our permission.

> >About him the following facts should be stressed:

Tsk, tsk, citizens ex-comrades, I bloody well have *not* been
trying, as everybody has been able to see too, to "give the
impression" that I still have "some connection to you", other
than the fact that, also after 1990, there has been some
reciprocal exchange of information between us. I absolutely
would not want to convey such a false impression either, since
I from 1990 on have held the opinion that your party in reality
is a bourgeois one and I have remained an adherent of the line
of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong, which calls for the overthrow of the
bourgeoisie throughout the world.

Your position of claiming "copyright" for things to be posted on
the Net I think is ridiculous, in particular for a party that
pretends to be a "proletarian revolutionary" one.

Certain earlier writings of yours, from the time when you were
really what today you still pretend to be, IMO were very good
indeed and even today deserve the greatest possible dissemination.

Even that Chernobyl article you posted in German on 19.04 of this
year and in English on 21.04, to this newsgroup, as now of course
a bourgeois party, I hold to be a certain positive contribution on
your part.

Now that you finally have seen fit to emerge from that bunker in
which you've been hiding since then, you will, as you well know,
have to answer certain questions from a number of other people,
if you intend to try to keep up that charade which you and I know
you're playing nowadays. Let's see how you'll manage that.

To other readers of this I would also like to point out: Not
necessarily are those things you call "facts" which should be
"stressed" true. One thing among them is true: I do speak only
for myself. And I would like, also on my part, to stress that I
by no means am speaking on behalf of your organization.

At least it's a good thing, citizens, that you even today, with
that character which your organization now has, at least in words
are saying that you still are "nukes".

Rolf M.

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