cosmic fuels - reply, see series, (4)-(6)

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Sun Aug 18 00:54:58 MDT 1996


For a partial reply, see postings (4)-(6) of my series
on the chemical fuels, which I posted today.

Rolf M.

>To Rolf,
>     Well, I have a fair amount of respect for Tom Gold,
>who was my brother-in-law's major professor, even if Tom
>was probably wrong about the uncreated steady-state universe.
>I have even agreed with you that given its chemical simplicity
>and the evidence of its presence on Jupiter, that non-biogenic
>methane on earth is highly likely, if not available "economically."
>     But I note that the articles you quoted only talked about
>"oil and gas," not coal, but somehow you dragged coal into it as
>well.  The evidence for that appears to be near zero.  There may
>be some non-biogenic oil on earth, although I am skeptical on that
>one, but clearly most of the economically available is biogenic.
>Texas and the Persian Gulf are not major seismic zones,  nor is
>Western Siberia.  Nor have I heard of much oil in Japan.
>     Get real, Rolf.
>Barkley Rosser

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