Flexible Employment - II. A suggestion to Rahul.

Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Sun Aug 18 02:10:57 MDT 1996

>    Rahul, this thread is, I think, both extremely interesting and
>important. I think you should save your sarcasm/irony for other
>threads. You are not debating MIM or the Sparticist League here.
>    In fact, I would like to see you repost one or two of your
>earlier postings without the irony. (I confess that in one or
>two sentences I wasn't quite sure whether to read them as irony
>or straight--and I'm usually pretty good at making that
>distinction with friend or foe.
>    Carrol

All right, Carrol. I'll go you one better and actually take this discussion
seriously, if I can manage to dig up some figures.

The only thing I can really think of where it might not be clear whether
I'm serious or not is:

>They're not doing this out of some well-thought-out grand conspiracy, but
>rather as mere pawns of history, tools of the all-transcendent dialectic.

Obviously, I don't believe in the mystical nonsense so many Marxists like
to spout (and then claim they're doing "science"), but I certainly do want
to emphasize that I'm not saying that the current "crisis" is because of
some inexplicable short-sightedness of capitalists and governments, but
rather that there are structural reasons for this, even if I think the
candidates other people have advanced are far too simplistic. Actually,
this would make an excellent subject for a cyberseminar. We need a lot more
facts before we can start sorting out good ideas from bad in this matter.

To clear up one old source of confusion: if anyone isn't aware by now, my
post on *Sexism on the list* was not serious. Knowing something about the
sense of humor most list members have, I made it about as subtle as Bill
Clinton at a Girl Scout camp, but many people seemed not to get it anyway.
If nothing else, I thought that my holding Doug responsible for views he
quoted should have given it away. It definitely seems important to keep
list members on their toes, whether with very cheap frauds or with profound
and deeply analytical cyber-seminars. Some may say the second way is
better, but I prefer to embrace a plurality of methods.

Consider this an official proposal to have a cyberseminar. Anyone want to
jump in and propose a reading list? Rakesh?


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