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Sun Aug 18 08:23:03 MDT 1996

Nick gives the devil a finger:

>Though it surprises me to say it, I agree with Adolfo on this one. Perpetual
>political parties implies a continuance of the class struggle - that is what
>political parties are for. Hence while there may be residual parties for
>some time after a revolution, eventually, as the state withers away owing to
>the reducing need for class suppression, so the need for political parties
>also withers away.

and then wonders what's happening to his arm:

>> Its long term aim is to make possible, and effectuate - by means of the
>> proletarian dictatorship, i.e., by the supression of the bourgeoisie and
>> exploiting classes as well as the political parties and other organisms
>> representing their interests - whether these parties or organisms define
>> themselves as "workers parties" or not.
>The only thing that does worry me about Adolfo's presentation of this
>argument is how keen he seems to be to suppress things. Maybe I'm
>misinterpreting his message, here, though.

No misinterpretation at all. Except you failed to ask what would happen to
his renowned alliance with the national bourgeoisie if their political
interests were crushed this way.

Adolfo's takes his stand on the total truth and validity of everything
Stalin said or did, particularly the forced collectivization, the Moscow
trials and the Stalin-Hitler pact. He's not only keen on suppressing
things, it's his whole life. His great tragedy is that he was born too late
to be the Peruvian rep on the Comintern in its great days of the 1930s.

History stopped with the death of Stalin (sorry, it was transferred to
Beijing), though how this view of the decadent treachery of Kruschevite
revisionism can be squared with such classical Stalinist stunts as the
invasions of Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 beats me.

I think we can all imagine Adolfo with a superpower state machine (secret
service, trained assassins, a money trough etc) to put some real clout
behind his musings.



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