Cuba: Workers State and the Labourite Roses

hariette spierings hariette at
Sun Aug 18 08:01:44 MDT 1996

>I think we can all imagine Adolfo with a superpower state machine (secret
>service, trained assassins, a money trough etc) to put some real clout
>behind his musings.

No Hugh:  We are fine with the power we hold at present and the suppression
of phony leftists in Peru which so much incenses you - there is suppression
of the bourgeosie for you in practice.

Moreover, if as anyone that has his eyes on the world scene can see, the
power of Maoism is again on the upswing.

We have no need for "super-power" status - fat lot of good that meant for
the Yanks in Somalia, for example, or for Yeltsin in Chechnia!

It is people like Holden and yourself who hanker after big power status.
Holden wants "communists" to "come to power" in Britain so that they may be
able to lay their hands on the tiller of the British imperialist state via
the THOROUGHLY BOURGEOIS Labour Party!.  That, line of argument used to be
called "Millerandism".  You, in the last analysis, are but another covert
Labourite, keen to get an "Orwellian" position financed by a Labour Party
run MI6.

Moreover, obviously, you, like the Labourite Holden, are not "keen" in
suppressing the bourgeoisie.  What else is new? That is certainly the way I
like to keep the likes of you:  "worried"!

Please do keep up your cheerful plonker comments, Hugh.  There is no
question that envy and despair makes your celebrated "Rose" look rather
green around the edges!.


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