Nicaragua election spat heats up over ethics pact (fwd)

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> (Comment - The last statement in the post below about this being the
> first peaceful handover of power in Nicaragua's history:  didn't the
> Sandinistas first win election, and subsequently hand over power
> peacefully to Violeta C.?  VS)
> Thu, 15 Aug 1996
> 	 MANAGUA, Nicaragua, (Reuter) - The refusal by Nicaragua's
> leading presidential candidate to sign a pre-election ethics
> pact touched off a political war of words among the candidates,
> politicians said Thursday.
> 	 Rightist Liberal Alliance candidate Arnoldo Aleman, favored
> by many to be Nicaragua's next leader, refused to join 22 other
> presidential hopefuls in signing the pact this week.
> 	 The pact called on candidates to respect the results of the
> Oct. 20 presidential election, fulfill their campaign promises
> and, if they lose, be constructive in opposition.
> 	 Aleman said he would not sign it because one of the pact's
> architects, Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, was economy minister
> during the 1979-1990 left-wing Sandinista government.
> 	 ``I will not accept that the person who destroyed the
> country's economy will now be the father of a minimum agenda
> when he should be put on trial,'' Aleman told reporters.
> 	 The pact had broad support, including all the political
> parties but Aleman's, the Catholic Church, the Supreme Election
> Council, civilian groups, unions and even former President Jimmy
> Carter, who sent a message of support.
> 	 Aleman's refusal pitted him against the other candidates and
> brought charges that he was acting dictatorially -- a charge
> that plays on the candidate's right-wing politics and attempts
> to evoke memories of Anastasio Somoza, the dictator who ruled
> for 43 years and was toppled by the 1979 Sandinista revolution.
> 	 Aleman also said he did not need to sign it because his
> party has its own similar agreement.
> 	 The Oct. 20 vote will mark the first time a civilian,
> elected government will hand over power to another such
> government in Nicaraguan history.

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