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Sun Aug 18 10:52:21 MDT 1996

>>Louis: I am deeply pleased with the presence of Jim Kane, Richard Bos and
>>Nick Gordon on the list and look forward to their exchange of views. I
>>feel I will learn an immense amount about British politics out of this.
>>The only thing I am dead-set opposed to on this list is stupidity, not
>>Maoism or Trotskyism, etc. The IQ level of the list just shot up about 100
>>points with Malecki's absence.
>Well Louis,
>I,m back from little Da Nang and well, except for a broken hand and cast.
>But I noticed that your level for IQ,s is determined by who is soft on the
>Cuban Revolution. Perhaps you can even suck some people in to believing all
>the mumbo jumbo mass solutions of real proletarian leaders like Che.
>But for Trotskyists your defense of the masses in motion, in fact your
>defense of the castroite leadership or the Sandinistas and in fact the total
>isolation of Cuba today and the defeat of the revolutionary situation in
>Nicarugua which these leaderships are responsible for! Tells much more about
>the IQ and political trajectory of Louis the former SWPer and now moving
>fast to the right with the help of the New York Library.
>By the way i noticed you were whining about "Bougainville". Well, I am
>interested in Bougainville as well as a lot of other places in the world. So
>for information about this real struggle with real people dying in a fight
>for independence from both Papua Nya Guniua and its Australian Imperialist
>backers who own the mines on the island and can not open them because the
>islanders with arms in hand have successfully defeated all attempts to
>reopen the mines. Despite this real struggle i oppose your attempts to block
>their posts to the list.
>They are just as useful as the numerous other posts involving real struggles
>with real people. So climb out of that dusty old university library and
>clean some of the old revisionist cobwebs out of your head. Despite your
>intensive defense of the old good times in Nicarugua yesterday and Che who
>is dead in Bolivia because of his fundementally incorrect line of replacing
>class struggle with gurreilla warfare, by the way this theory is in direct
>contradiction to marxism along with the PCP,s pick up the gun rhetoric and
>two stage theory which only can lead the working class in Latin America down
>a bankrupt road too new defeats.. OK..
>Or why not take up some of the burning issues like the Russian question,
>mass unemployment, Welfare, or the Vanguard party. No, things like this
>threaten the existence of the professional Menshevik Soldarity organisations
>which dominated the left the last twenty years. We are facing and entirely
>new epoch, after the downfall and death of Stalinism and the right wing leap
>by the Social Democracy. And you my friend just go on and on with your anti
>party, anti Lenininist, anti Trotskyist whining.
>In fact once again the great leaders of the October Epoch and revolutionary
>leadership in marching towards the conquest of power comes to the fore. What
>has died is the counter revolutionary Stalinist garbage of building
>"Socialism" in one country. One again the tactics and programs of Lenin and
>Trotsky come to the fore against alll those who tried dragging them through
>the mud and miserable failure.
>In fact this is a time of bringing forth once again these great policies and
>tactics that have been buried by years of Stalinist and Menshevik garbage.
>The danger today is not our list if intellectual Mensheviks in the coming
>period. In fact more danger is posed by the ultra left positions of NEil and
>the anarachists! Because they have no tactics at all in a period of rising
>class struggle.
>And i do not think that the attempts by our Russian friend of building anti
>facists fronts in this period will either be a danger. In fact the workers
>quite clearly are beginning to lose illusions not only in the popular fronts
>but traditional labor parties.
>By the way, thanks for the suggestion about Christmas. However the people on
>this list will hardly defend Malecki (the Trotskyist) against inperialism.
>In fact their are a number of people on this list who have the Stalinist
>ideology of "icepicks" against the left opposition on this list.Where others
>are just synical Mensheviks who couldn,t even defend a mother on welfare
>because of her Lumpen background.
>So the real danger is the "direct action" people who do not understand the
>neccessity of building a vanguard party based on revolutionary tactics.
>Warm Regards
>PS: A question to Nick who defends the Greek Trotskyists.. Are you a
>supporter of the United Secretariat? Because the post war turns certainly
>had and effect on the deaths of some of the cadre of the FI..
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