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Sun Aug 18 13:25:31 MDT 1996

Louis go suck a lemon.


> On Sun, 18 Aug 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
> >
> > So the real danger is the "direct action" people who do not understand the
> > neccessity of building a vanguard party based on revolutionary tactics.
> >
> Louis: To new-comers on the list, Robert Malecki is the developmentally
> disadvantaged co-thinker of Hugh Rodwell. He has been rated as the
> stupidest person on the planet and studies are being conducted at NASA
> right now to determine whether he is in fact stupider than the microbes
> contained in the meteor from Mars. We owe his presence on this list to the
> efforts of one of the Spoons Moderators, Hans Erhbar, professor of
> advanced Marxist economics at Utah University. After Malecki quit the
> list, Erhbar pleaded with Malecki to return since the two of them had
> abusive fathers and the list would provide a proper therapeutic
> environment to work their kinks out. Ehrbar, who I understand bears a
> striking resemblance to the lead character in "Eraserhead", is a moderator
> of the list who has been responsible for turning it into a cat litter-box.
> I guarantee that things will not remain as they have been. I now mean
> business.
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