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Sun Aug 18 12:47:15 MDT 1996

>Louis: To new-comers on the list, Robert Malecki is the developmentally
>disadvantaged co-thinker of Hugh Rodwell. He has been rated as the
>stupidest person on the planet and studies are being conducted at NASA
>right now to determine whether he is in fact stupider than the microbes
>contained in the meteor from Mars. We owe his presence on this list to the
>efforts of one of the Spoons Moderators, Hans Erhbar, professor of
>advanced Marxist economics at Utah University. After Malecki quit the
>list, Erhbar pleaded with Malecki to return since the two of them had
>abusive fathers and the list would provide a proper therapeutic
>environment to work their kinks out. Ehrbar, who I understand bears a
>striking resemblance to the lead character in "Eraserhead", is a moderator
>of the list who has been responsible for turning it into a cat litter-box.
>I guarantee that things will not remain as they have been. I now mean

Gee, Lou, you're not talking about unsubbing him with extreme prejudice,
are you? Go easy on Hans. He's a professor, an economist, *and* a
philosopher; it represents quite an achievement for him that he can do more
than stare blankly, drool, and repeatedly flap his lips with his finger.
Those who courageously overcome their handicaps, to whatever degree, should
be encouraged, not snubbed.


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