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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Aug 18 13:01:47 MDT 1996

On Sun, 18 Aug 1996, Karl Carlile wrote:

> Louis go suck a lemon.

Louis: Oh yeah, I forgot about Carlile. The Spoons Administrators smirked
when he was thrown off the Foucault list, an "unmoderated" list. Malgosia,
a moderator, told him that he didn't understand the "ecology" of the
Foucault list.

Meanwhile we have to put up with all kinds of inappropriate bullshit on
this list in the name of "free speech". We get Karl's periodic nervous
breakdowns where he takes to the parapets and calls forth armed workers
detachments to storm the Spoons fortress. At moments like these, he
usually tears off his clothes and smears blue dye all over his body like
Mel Gibson in "Braveheart". Unlike Gibson, Karlile rides his sister's
German Shepherd rather than a stallion.

Why do you suppose the Spoon administrators are so content to let this
list turn into a toilet bowel? Could it be because they saw the list
merely as a "neat" addition to their other cultural studies mailing lists?
I mean, after all, if Foucault spends so much time refuting Marx, maybe we
should set up a mailing list dedicated to the master of "metanarrative"

This is pure bullshit and it will change. I promise.

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