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At 3:01 PM 8/18/96, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>I mean, after all, if Foucault spends so much time refuting Marx, maybe we
>should set up a mailing list dedicated to the master of "metanarrative"

Speaking of which, check out this horseshit (posted to the Bad Subjects
list a while back):

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>[From a mondo Foucault book I'm esclaving away on, which focuses on the
>history of the "care of the self"--from Greek civicism, to the birth of an
>otiose Roman managerial asceticism, to the Christian interpretation of the
>self as sinful in the absence self-knowledge manifested in profession and
>Q:      A work of the self on the self that may be understood as a certain
>liberation, as a process of liberation?
>MF:     I would be more careful on that score. I have always been somewhat
>suspicious of the notion of liberation, because if it is not treated with
>precautions and within certain limits, one runs the risk of falling back on
>the idea that there exists a human nature or base that, as a consequence of
>certain historical, economic, and social processes, has been concealed,
>alienated, or imprisoned in and by mechanisms of repression. According to
>this hypothesis, all that is required is to break these repressive
>deadlocks and man will be reconciled with himself, rediscover his nature or
>regain contact with his origin, and reestablish a full and positive
>relationship with himself. I think this idea should not be accepted without
>scrutiny. I am not trying to say that liberation as such, or this or that
>form of liberation, does not exist; when a colonized people attempts to
>liberate itself from its colonizers, this is indeed a practice of
>liberation in the strict sense. But we know very well...that this practice
>of liberation is not in itself sufficient to define the practices of
>freedom that will still be needed if this people, this society, and these
>individuals are to be able to define admissible and acceptable forms of
>existence or political society. That is why I emphasize practices of
>freedom over processes of liberation; again, the latter indeed have their
>place, but they do not seem to me to be capable by themselves of defining
>all the practical forms of freedom.



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