Labour still the same as always?!!!??. Extrapolation.

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Sun Aug 18 11:36:08 MDT 1996

Ramon wrote:
> >    On the basis of these fine distinctions about the LP, I predict that
> >in the UK as in the United States someday Mussolini will run against
> >Franco, and communists will debate each other over which candidate
> >provides the most room for reform; and some will angrily insist that
> >a decision not to vote constitutes an andication of responsibility.
> >"We" must go where the "workers" are.
> >    Carrol
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> Very Good. I agree completely. Remember Weimar's Republic
>           Ramon

OK Ramon.........tell us about the Weimar Republic. I can only see that
the lessons of the Weimar Republic could be the opposite of what Carrol
is suggesting.

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