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A man from the city of Malmoe, Sweden, Rolf Martens, a
former member of the KPD/ML (NEUE EINHEIT), keeps
publishing libels on our organization, at the same time
trying to give the impression  that he still has some
connection with us, and is publishing articles and
unauthorized translations of publications by us without
our permission.

About him the following facts should be stressed:

Rolf Martens only speaks for himself. He was excluded
>from the KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) in April 1990. By no
means we are responsible for his activities. He was
excluded because of his massive slandering of our
organization: that it had changed sides and had become
a bourgeois one. These were assertions never supported
by any real reasons. The only "argument" was that we
did not fight enough against the Green movement, in
this context he attacked an important article about 1st
of May 1989. This is nonsense. Our organization had
always, since 15 years before 1990, been unmasking and
fighting the Green and Alternative swindlers and
so-called Ecologist movement, the same has been done
against it in 1989 and 1990 and after 1990. This was
nothing but a pure invention by Rolf Martens. No
further arguments were brought forward by him in April
1990.  In spite of all attempts to bring him away from
his wrong and absurd attitudes, he clung to his views,
declared his withdrawal from the organization and at
the same time unanimously was excluded. Within a time
of six weeks, a deadline that we had fixed for him to
bring written grounds for his views, no letter, no
document arrived at our organization. Five months later
he tried to elaborate a new standpoint against our
organization, with new arguments, using slandering,
distorted summaries of publications, and quotations
>from unauthorized papers and discussions from within
our organization, to give grounds for his standpoint.
This document, too, is a self-exposure of Rolf Martens,
it does not hit us at all. He did not translate it,
neither into Swedish nor into English, so it is
virtually unknown.

It was a very surprising attack, which Rolf Martens
started against our organization in the April of 1990.
In his paper from Sept. 1990 he tried to add some
arguments: that our organization had fought the
'Aussiedler'(resettlement)-campaign of our bourgeoisie
(see note below). He demanded 'simply to integrate the
new citizens' and similar nonsense, topics which never
had been discussed with him in our organization, and on
which he had systematically avoided a discussion within
the organization.

These points must be kept in mind, if you read the
letters and publications by Rolf Martens. He has no
right to speak for the KPD/ML (NEUE EINHEIT). He only
represents himself.  It is very significant, that his
paper is unable to criticize official documents of our
organization. Our organization will go forward.

The further policy of our organization in current
political affairs after April 1990 also proves the
correctness of the theses of our organization. It was
our organization that led a massive campaign against
the Iraqi war of US-imperialism and its allies, it was
our organization that extensively pointed out her
position concerning the Jugoslavian war, the biggest
war, also in terms of victims, of the last decades in
Europe, and developed a detailed and correct analysis
of this question. We also took position against the
fascist acitivities and the reconstruction of fascism
in our country. A very large and important commentary
which we published was the article "The State
Connection" (April 1992). Therein our chairman dealt
once again, in a very condensed and comprehensible
manner, with the crucial points about the background to
the so-called terrorism, and went into the matter. The
article deals with affairs with which revolutionary
organizations in this country have been concerned for
twenty years, that is to say in the very first respect
with the role of organs of the state. Naturally we
supported the social interests of the working class.

All this proves that we have been continuing the
revolutionary proletarian line in the years 1991-94,
with all our knowledge, all our information.
Simultaneously we have been deepening our theoretical
work and have been working all the time on the
continuation of the foundations of revolutionary
policy. To all that Rolf Martens turns a deaf ear,
declaring it nil.  Rolf Martens has to come out on the
policy, which we have been continuing: is it a
revolutionary policy or not?

A letter of the Central Committee to Rolf Martens of
Sept. 1994 will also be translated and published.


What was the role of the KPD/ML (NEUE EINHEIT) -
Communist Party of Germany/Marxist-Leninist (New Unity)
- in the development?

In the beginning of the 70's our organization defended
the Cultural Revolution against the resistance of the
whole revisionist and social-democratic mafia. During
the years 1970-72 we fought with all our energy against
our state and against the political powers, which were
present particularly in Berlin (West), where our
organization had come into being, worked in trade
unions, in other institutions, did social propaganda,
did propaganda for the revolution and also did not
shrink back from applying it in practice. The activity
of our organization stood out in particular due to the
concrete analysis of the concrete situation, due to the
concrete application of the fundamental teachings of
Marxism-Leninism and of Mao Zedong.  Reversely we had
to defend ourselves against the heaviest subversion by
the state in Berlin and West Germany, and were exposed
to the hardest tests. We fought against the labour-aristocratic
and revisionist conception of the so-called KABD (today MLPD).
We fought against pseudomarxist and swindler organizations
like the "Roter Morgen", the "KPD/AO", the "KBW" and the
so-called "ZB", who all were really phoney organizations with
state and direct bourgeois influence. The latter was divided between
the former three in 1972, and these former three changed
sides as quickly as possible, as soon as the turnabout
in China had become reality. As quickly as possible all
these organizations went to the enemy, to the
revisionists, and fought against Marxism- Leninism,
against the politics and teachings of Mao Zedong and
against any creative revolutionary implementation on
the whole.  In the time of 73 to 74 our organization
fought, against all resistance, for the line of Mao
Zedong in international questions, in the same time
organized resistance of our group against the
suppression by the authorities of our country, alone,
without help from any organization abroad.  During all
that time our organization continued working
practically in the factories, fought for the social
interests of the workers and of other suppressed and
exploited strata, as far as the size of this group did
permit that at all. Although by the repression by the
state the organization had been much decimated from
1973 on it nevertheless continued its work by a host of
publications and public propaganda appearances.

About some questions of the situation in 1976 to 1977

In the end of the 70's our organization defended the
line of Mao Zedong against the revisionist usurpation
in China. We - and not the TKP/ML - defended Mao
Zedong's line, refuted the Albanian line and those who
worked together with them. There are many documents of
that time which prove this assertion. Everybody can
come and ask the details. We shall explain our
assertion by many proofs from that time, which are
interesting for the communist and revolutionary
movement all over the world. It was also during that
time that our organization under the guidance of Klaus
Sender developed a criticism of the rising ecologism
and of the attempts to disparage modern production and
to disseminate in the whole country ultra-rightist
attitudes against development and growth. In particular
against the so- called Anti Nuclear Energy Movement our
organization was the only one to make stand. It
defended the revolutionary modern productive forces,
defended in particular the natural sciences and
revolutionary materialism. Therefore it was also solely
our organization which defended the basic view of
Marxism of productive forces and relations of
production. In this role we stood exclusively and
solely within our country and furthermore, as far as we
know, in the European countries. Which organisation
elsewhere in the world has played this role?

But the defaming of our organization by all these
forces especially in that time - end of the 70's,
beginning of the 80s - and their striving to cut us off
>from any foreign organization have had no limits.

The situation for the revolutionary party in Germany
was very difficult not only and not in the first place
because of repression by the state. There have been
overwhelming changes in the structure of the working
population already in that time, there was a widespread
substitution of industrial workers and low paid jobs at
that time by foreign labourers and employees. They soon
constituted a very big part of the concentrated
proletariat at the assembly lines for instance. Later
on more and more work of domestic and foreign workers
was being displaced into so- called "cheap labour"
countries. This process began on full scale in 1974,
with many social effects like setting free of workers,
underemployemnt among the youth, sectionalism on one
side and a widespread increase of labour-aristocratism
and corruption among the workers on the other side. The
foreign workers became an important part and got a
decisive role in the world of Germany's workers, the
biggest rate of the foreign workers being of Turkish
origin. So also foreign revolutionary organizations
became important in the whole situation on the
revolutionary  side in Germany in the early seventies.
>From the early beginnings the German state authorities
saw these problems and infiltrated and controlled
foreign workers associations. There has never been any
longer-time-unity neither between German and foreign
revolutionary organizations nor between organizations
of different nationalities. And if they work together,
like the TKP/ML, then only with a purely studying group
like "Gegen die Stroemung"  - at that time a
pro-Albanian organization without any revolutionary
practice. The fundamental course of the TKP/ML was to
orientate the Turkish workers in Germany to the events
in their mother cuntry. All this made the role of a
revolutionary party in Germany even more difficult than
it was anyway.

That there is something wrong can be illustrated by
interesting facts. For example: The name of the great
hero of the early Turkish revolution of the beginning
70's, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, was published in Germany in
1979, when two Germans had gone to Turkey and had
brought back the name and the destiny of the first
chairman of the TPK/ML to Germany. Ibrahim Kaypakkaya
had been murdered by the Turkish state as early as
1973. The TKP/ML had been working in Germany from the
beginning 70's to the end of the 70's and had never
said any word about the destiny of the own chairman.
What was wrong in this movement?!

In the 80's our organization defended Marxism-Leninism
and the teachings of Mao Zedong as before, and also
began to develop the fundamental theories, for instance
about Soviet history, about Leninism, and began to
investigate questions about Marxism, which was dictated
by reality. We never denied revolutionary war. But in
some important questions it is necessary to look for
the whole historical conception. It is not possible to
stay upon the level of the theory of the 40's, of the
50's. Mao Zedong himself has developed the theory
'again and again', and it is quite clear that the
historical step that now has happened and will happen,
will need new theoretical impulses to the revolutionary
movement in the world.  The first result of  Klaus
Sender's  investigations were the articles "Lenin's
attitude towards Alexander Herzen", 9 chapters
published in 1986 and 1987, and more important, the
fundamental analysis "Leninism and Civilization -
introduction to criticism", which discusses certain
real problems not in order to destroy revolutionary
movement but to bring it forward. We had no problems in
refuting the dirty attack of Rolf Martens which we
mentioned above.

A profound discussion was continued. The last two
decades were a period of very great changes and new
phenomena, on a world-wide scale. The supreme
guide-line must be the complex reality, not forgetting
all the historical experiences which in the theories of
mankind and of the working class have been laid down.
These two maximes we have to regard.

After gaining victory about a destructive and
obstructive force in our own organization between the
middle of 1992 to May 1993 we have launched the biggest
theoretical program for the investigation of cultural
questions, which will play a big role in the coming
international and internationalizing world. A check-up
of Marxism is indicated.  But all the things we deal
with we do in a very well-founded way and with long
tests of argumentation, in order not to embarrass the
revolutionary movement but to come to a better starting
point in the time to come. Rolf Martens, the slanderer
of our organization, knew our concepts and our
criticisms, and although he was enforced to admit that
the criticism "Leninism and Civilization" was correct,
which had been  published in 1989, he asserted that it
was just in that time when we made great theoretical
efforts and progress, that we "degenerated to a
bourgeois organization". The nonsense of his assertion
jumps into ones eyes. It is all the more conspicuous
that Rolf Martens does not give reasons in his
international papers and statements, why our
organization is being accused of degenerating, of being
a bourgeois organization. Not by a single word he tries
to substantiate this. This however is easily
explainable, because he does not at all want to show
what is the subject, but wants to abuse our
organization for his own purposes.

Editorial staff of NEUE EINHEIT
   concluded 15.08.96


By the 'Aussiedler'-campaign ('resettlement' campaign)
is to be understood that the German bourgeoisie causes
millions of citizens of the former Soviet Union,
Poland, Romania and other countries, by several
methods, to leave these countries for Germany, arguing
that these people have German ancestors and have the
right to be German citizens. The bourgeoisie plays
these people off against the population of Germany,
workers from Turkey and other countries included, who
have been here working for a long time. For example, in
the eighties the 'Aussiedler' were being privileged
against all others in getting jobs and apartements, in
a country with an unemployment of several million
people and extreme shortage and rise in prices of


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