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Mon Aug 19 09:12:00 MDT 1996

I'll add my two cents to the below.

In the battle over productivity in my workplace (computer helpdesk) the boss
has removed even the two windows games released with the package. And there
is definitely no internet access. However for the needs of communication
with other business we have email access to the outside world.

I appreciate the information bulletins on the list. It helps provide
material with which I can write articles for the socialist paper I
contribute to. If these don't appear via email and only on a ftp site I
can't access them.

I know I am only talking about myself, but there are lots of potential
computer worker subscribers who would only have email access at work.

Tony Hartin

>  From: Zeynep Tufekcioglu <zeynept at>
>  Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 22:29:41 +0300
>  Subject: Re: Bougainville Update - 16/8/96
> [..]
> I think we are overestimating the effort required to delete things we are
> not interested in reading. I ignore threads that are pointless, and it
> minimal effort. If we shut out news, we may be depriving ourselves.

> I'd love to have more news from many places. I'd love it even more if
> contributors from those countries commented and debated with us about the
> news, but I'd rather have what little is coming, rather than ignore it all
> because of the missing part.

> Zeynep

>Louis Proyect:
>> Please stop posting this stuff [Bougainville updates].     We are not a
>newsgroup. This list
>>exists for the discussion of theoretical issues. There are many venues on
>>the Internet where bulletins like these would have more impact. In
>>general, news of this sort is only absorbed when the poster has some kind
>>of relationship to the list, such as a Turkish member who informed us
>>regularly of a hunger strike last month. You have no relationship to the
>>list, do you?

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