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> Subject: Reply to "Klasber" on background of Rolf M.
> This posting by "Klasber", which probably is short for "Klaus
> Sender, Berlin", the chairman of a political party which IMO once
> [.. much deleted..]

This sorrowful saga reminds me of an equally weighty occurrence in my home
town of Melbourne in 1993.

The Workers Revolution Group (WRG) which had performed such great work in
the service of the world proletariat had a nasty falling out. The three
remaining member expelled the fourth and founding member for crimes against
the working class. The remaining 3 published an 18 page manifesto detailing
these crimes and their dialectical development over the course of some
years. Needless to say the offended fourth member published an even
lengthier reply.

In my opinion these documents are a must read for any serious marxist and I
intend to post them in full, with prefaces, footnotes, references and
supporting documents to this list as soon as possible

Tony Hartin

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