Rolf Martens adventures with Klasber

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Sun Aug 18 19:29:21 MDT 1996

>This sorrowful saga reminds me of an equally weighty occurrence in my home
>town of Melbourne in 1993.
>The Workers Revolution Group (WRG) which had performed such great work in
>the service of the world proletariat had a nasty falling out. The three
>remaining member expelled the fourth and founding member for crimes against
>the working class. The remaining 3 published an 18 page manifesto detailing
>these crimes and their dialectical development over the course of some
>years. Needless to say the offended fourth member published an even
>lengthier reply.
>In my opinion these documents are a must read for any serious marxist and I
>intend to post them in full, with prefaces, footnotes, references and
>supporting documents to this list as soon as possible
>Tony Hartin

The jig is up, Lou. What's with the fake name?


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