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Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Sun Aug 18 16:46:05 MDT 1996

Regarding the empirical indicators of the fall in the profits, I have some
relevant articles in Turkish, but they have graphs, not the numbers. The
numbers I do have are too broad, and I think more detailed breakdown would
be useful.

The best article I have is called "The Current Global Economic Crises:
Reasons and the Meaning". It was written in 1985 (and reading it over in
1996, I'm amazed by the predictions that held true) specifically for a
periodical in Turkish (11. Tez, or 11th Thesis). The article states that the
detailed numbers and the calculation method can be obtained from the New
School for Social Research, where Shaikh held a teaching post. Shaikh has
also written other important articles, but I don't have them anymore since
my books and I part often due to reasons beyond my control.

The calculation method is also important, I have it in Turkish, but I think
it would be incredibly useful to have it in English.

Lou and Doug are both in NY, and Rakesh probably has read some of his
articles. Can someone help?


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