malecki's megalomania VS. Socialism

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Sun Aug 18 22:44:37 MDT 1996

Dear friends,

 Robert Malecki attacks those he thinks are to the right of him but says he
thinks the main danger today  in the marxist trends is being "ultra left!!
 Robert , are you a Trotskyist  and a Pot-skyist now?  The Spart dope you have
inhaled for years is frying your brain. Look at the motion in  what remains of
the "old movement", most are taking up jogging, new age spiritualism ,Clintonite
neo- liberalism , seat-belt laws and capitalist state sponsored gun control. And
you think "ultra leftism ' is  the great danger?
How absurd.

But new younger activists and workers it is true are coming to the fore slowly
and want real change not cosmetic change and derailing  ,and  this is quite
positive for the most part. And many of them are rightly skeptical of the
traditional trotskyist, social democrat, stalinist  poison that helped bury the
old socialist /workers movements.
The likes of politically rancid  bankrupt trends, such as your neo-spart type
will have a tougher time convincing these that supporting state capitalism as
'workers states"
or bourgeois trade unionism as a fighting workers vanguard, or capitalist
IMF/world bank "national  liberation' as a proletarian programme in this epoch.
The track record speaks for itself.

As for your neo-Spart elitist  Dictatorship OVER the Proletariat  with a
handfull of
Maleckis shouting "Save yourselves heathen masses thru trotsky's transitional
programme  of 1938' or "One can only achieve (revolutionary) salvation but
 lord and savior trotsky", the new masses in motion will only laugh. But the
danger for them is that they will laugh themselves to death!

Communists should be positing a programme of intervention in the class motions
workers building their  own mass actions, a new party of struggle,  workers
control, revolution  and communism. Malecki  thinks all that is just
'ultra-left' and 'anarchism'.
It is pseudo-marxists like him  that turn militants and activists off and they
go toward anarchism instead!  It is the Malecki-types Lenin had in mind when he
said " anarchism is the punishment for the sin of opportunism".


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