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References for Shaikh articles regarding falling profit rate

"The Falling Profit Rate and Long Waves in Accumulation: Theory and
Evidence", in Alfred Kleinknecht, Ernest Mandel, Immanuel Wallerstein, eds,
*New Findings in Long Wave Research, London: MacMillan, 1992.

"The Falling Rate of Profit and the Economic Crisis in the US", in Robert
Cherry, et al. *The Imperiled Economy, Book I*. Union for Radical Political
Economy, 1987.

>From a review I have read, Shaikh and Ahmet Tonak's *The Political Economy
of National Accounts: An Approach to the Measurement of the Wealth of
Nations* (Cambridge U Press, 1994) includes a substantial analysis of
falling profitability.

Other reading notes

Andrew Kliman includes criticism of Shaikh's exact theory of the mechanisms
by which the profit rate is reduced in his contribution to Alan Freeman and
Guglielmo Carchedi, eds. *Marx and non-Equilibrium Economics*. Edward
Elgar, 1996.

Fred Moseley has also done an empirical study of falling profitability in
the US, which has prompted debate in the *Review of Radical Political
Economy* and *Science and Society*.  Moseley has also edited a volume of
international studies of profitability and accumulation.

I have also read a review of a study of G Dumenil and Levy on profitability
in US history.

In Invisible Leviathan:  the Marxist Critique of Market Despotism Beyond
Postmodernism (Univ of Toronto Press, 1994) Murray E.G. Smith includes a
critical discussion of Moseley's methodology.

Eeks, just as I am about to send this off at 2:30 am, Hans Ehrbar's message
just came in.  Well, while I only have a sense of much of what this debate
is about, Hans has a profound understanding; I am happy to see that he has
reposted his analysis of the productive/unproductive distinction, one of
the first messages I ever remember reading on this list two years ago!

Good night

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