Against Opportunism

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Aug 19 10:43:42 MDT 1996

At 3:43 AM 8/19/96, Hans Ehrbar wrote:

>But certainly a
>contributing factor was Louis P's continual slandering and unprovoked
>attacks against Robert Malecki and others on this list.  I am among
>these "others", despite the fact that our differences regarding many
>important issues (Cuba, ecology, computers and socialism) are very
>small.  His main criticism of me is that I am psychologizing, although
>he is psychologizing 10 times more than I do.  His unprincipled
>behavior seems to be solely due to a jockeying for power for him and a
>circle of friends he is trying to assemble around him.  Despite his
>sharp criticisms of this list I am confident he will subscribe to the
>successor of the marxism list after Spoon's reorganization and
>extension of their offerings of marxist lists.  He is an incurable
>opportunist, and I do not want to have anything to do with him

Did you write this, Hans, or was it the agents hiding under your bed? Or
have they implanted microchips in your head that now do your thinking for



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