Against Opportunism

Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Aug 19 11:20:15 MDT 1996

Louis writes;
>The serious Marxist thinkers on this list have gotten to know each other
>fairly well. We should stick it out until further notice. Change is

What is interesting about Louis is in fact his ability to see who are the
"serious" marxists on the list. Naturally this is always connected to
certain personal byist by those who judge. But leaving all the bullshit
aside Louis appears to be taking the road of the former ivory tower!

Thus through slick moves creating "change" which normally means in terms of
his political opponents of creating a forum where his critics can not voice

Naturally he is doing this by throwing some names around of people who are
in his eyes big marxist thinkers who could not take the ulgy in fighting of
the maoists and not in the least  the arsenal of mud slinging that goes on
here when fighting gets hot.

Obviously the university emvionment where Louis gets his motivation in
peaceful classes where someone presents his writtings and thinkings to the
waiting public is;

Not of that horrible bar room brawling, trade union meeting atmosphere, nor
any room for working class people or urban poor who do not have the polished
rhetoric of our list menshevik. No that kind of stuff disturbs Louis, but
also when class struggle comes into the list Louis is seeking ways to
eliminate this struggle and exchange with his bureaucratic changes for the
*real* marxists like himself.

Perhaps a sign over the door of "important writers", and serious marxists
only welcome. Poor and working class people don,t bother. This stuff is far
to deep for ordinary people. Something along those lines that will make
Louis happy. I doubt it, because his style is the style of the petty
bougeoisie and drawing room crowd, will sooner or later be invaded by the
bar room brawlers and urban poor who will along with the workers replace
these people with a real vanguard that mean business and not a workshop for
university lectors who think they own marx.

I guess this means that M1 once again is under attack by the petty bougeois
intellectual envionment that just can,t stand to deal with people as they
appear here and ingage in battle.

I think that Louis and others want a certain set of rules like in crickett
or something where everyone one puts on a tie and presents himself with
bougeois respectability!

Well, those forums Louis and his friends are welcome to. Sooner or later
they will have to come out of those dusty closets and deal with real and
angry workers and urban poor. I doubt that these will pass the standards
being put up by Louis. Perhaps he spent to much time licking the boots of
Sandinist ministers for his own good.

Well, hopefully the list will thrive and as more people come on line the
battles will be fought up front and out in the open for all to see. Then our
friends who would bureaucratically try to stop the debate with manervers and
gags and special rules will have to come out of the closet and deal with it.

Louis is right about one thing. Change is coming. But its not the change he
is smiling and begging his co-thinkers to have patience with that is the
real change. It is something entirely different. And it is taking place very
far from the dusty closet that Louis and his friends are trying to find to
hide in.

Finally Louis, if your threats become a fact we shall meet again. Most
likely on opposing sides of the barricades. Because ultimately your line is
against the poor and working class and means defeat just as in Nicaragua..


PS: Hans is absolutely right about the fact that you Louis with your baiting
and slanders of political opponents which appears to be heading for special
lists and rules have been psyching the list far more then anyone else on
this list including Aldolfo. The only difference is i take Aldolfo far more
seriously as a political opponent. He is a die hard Stalinist and centrist.
You are and SWP has been heading towards Menshevism and reformism.

Let the winds of change blow and we shall see where they lead!

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