Against Opportunism

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Mon Aug 19 11:33:18 MDT 1996

Hans' curious liitle thread (thoughtfully entitled "Against Opportunism"--we
are nothing if not original here) leads me to paraphrase Macaulay: "There is
no spectacle so ridiculous as the Marxism List in one of its periodic fits
of morality."     One wonders what,  if anything,  has led to the latest
"fit"?     Nothing,  surely,  more significant than a petty emnity between
Mr (Professor?  Assistant Professor?) Ehrbar and Louis (P).

Now,  like Moses,  Louis (P) is threatening to lead the "serious Marxist
thinkers" (read the usual suspects)--Doug, Rahul,  Carrol,  Zeynep, and,
presumably,  himself--off the list,  but to where?     "Change is coming,"
he assures the rest of us,  ominously.     But change to/for what?

Or is this,  once again,  merely satire?

Louis Godena

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