Position of Sol-Peru Committee in relation to the Peru-Ecuador conflict

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Sol-Peru on the 1992 Conflict between Peru and Ecuador

malecki - in a hyatus within his usual verbal diarroeah, actually asks a
concrete question worth answering:
>PS: Recently Hugh asked our Turkish leftists what there position is on
>events in Crete. This can also be posed to our Peruvian Maoists in the
>border conflicts with Equador for example. I think that both of these
>subjects are worth a comment by the parties who so clearly claim to be the
>leading representatives of the "left" in these countries. So how about
>presenting to the list your views on these
>potential hotspots which can led to tens of thousands if not more workers
>getting slaughtered once again..


London 6 February 1995

"Let us begin from the undeniable principle that the problems bedevilling
Peru-Ecuador relations, are not issues for the people of either country".
"These are issues created by both governments who periodically stage
incidents as a smoke screen to hide their own monumental failures".

"The people of Peru and Ecuador do not want to eat borders". "They want
to put an end to their obsolete systems that no longer have any reason to
exist". - Chairman Gonzalo - Central Committee of the Communist Party of
Peru. ('Let Strategic Equilibrium Shake the Country Even More'- 1991, page

With the full knowledge and complicity of the Fujimori dictatorship, and
even before 1991, Ecuador's military posts were already in the Cordillera
del Condor.  This is something that Chairman Gonzalo himself had pointed out
then in the document above.  In this context, the tyrant himself, as a
quisling and mass-murderer, visited Ecuador in various occasions.

There he met with President Duran Ballen and with military and other
ruling circles of your country, thus encouraging in practice this
status-quo in particular.  Why?.

Then, the big bourgeoisie of Ecuador, acting upon their own narrow
anti-popular class interests, attempted to portray Fujimori as a wise
and reasonable leader. They presented him before their people as a
good neighbour of generous sentiments and peaceful intentions.  Now
you can see the bloody evidence that this was nothing but cruel deception.

Then the issue was to legitimise his anti-national, pro-imperialist,
anti-popular and reactionary dictatorship.

The issue then was obtaining support from the reactionaries of Ecuador.
Then he wanted support for hisbloody war against the Peruvian revolution
and its New Democratic State.

His aim was securing silence and complicity from neighbouring countries
while carrying out bloody mass-murder against the Peruvian people and brutal
genocide against the prisoners of the People's War.  Principally, Fujimori
aimed at covering-up his endless illegal and inhuman abuses and tortures
Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the revolution and of the people of Peru.

That is why, not only with Ecuador, but also with Chile, Bolivia, Colombia
and Brazil, the rotten old Peruvian state adopted a policy of concessions.
They turned a blind eye and allowed military garrisons from those
countries to enter Peruvian territory.  In fact, Fujimori's policy
positively encouraged this under the guise of 'fighting terrorism and drug
trafficking'. In this fashion Fujimori cravenly carried out Yankee policy
aimed at helping imperialist domination and exploitation throughout our region.

He whetted the ambitions of the ruling classes of these countries to secure
desperately needed imperialist investments and loans.  Nevertheless, today,
the criminal tyrant Fujimori needs to legitimise his rule before
the Peruvian masses. For this he is attempting to resort to fraudulent
elections under a fascist military jackboot.  In 1990, this counterfeit
clown disguised himself as a poor Indian peasant and made his electoral
campaign deceiving the people aboard a farm tractor.

Today he wants to generate a Falklands' Factor to emulate Margaret Thatcher.
Thus he wants to harvest votes by disguising himself as a tin-pot Napoleon and
making his pitch atop a battle tank.

However, Fujimori finds himself in political, economic and military trouble.
He is frustrated by the stubborn and growing People's War that he had vainly
vowed to end before 1995.  He has mounting electoral difficulties amid a
deteriorating economic situation while undergoing grave political internal
problems even with his own wife.

His henchmen, Montesinos and the drug dealing military find themselves
caught red handed. This is because of a case of cocaine trafficking
involving them with the General in Chief of the military zone bordering with
Ecuador.  This large scale criminal activity was under intense judicial and
journalistic investigation just before he started the conflict with Ecuador.

To cover up these mounting embarrassments, and to rope along the backward
masses, Fujimori has today resorted to the stock in trade of chauvinist
provocations.  He has resorted to blackmail and war threats - he
has resorted to the only language he understands: air bombardments,
artillery fire, ominous military mobilization and the navy blockade of
the waters around the gulf of Guayaquil.  Thus, the ruling classes of
Ecuador are harvesting the whirlwind.

They are paying the price of the craven homage they rendered the
mass murderer fascist Fujimori during his 'conquering hero' visits
to that country.  For the proletariat and oppressed people of Ecuador,
and for their suffering Peruvian brethren, this is nothing but a harvest of
death, anxiety and destruction.

The people of Ecuador and Peru are both victims of the same imperialist
oppression.  The robber-barons of both countries want to insure for
themselves the absurd privilege of selling out to imperialist monopolies
this or that portion of our homeland. For this aim, they use the masses as
cannon fodder. The soldiers on both sides are mainly workers and peasants
in uniform, recruited by force and hurled against each other armed to
the teeth in fratricidal combats.

The ruling circles, murderers of the people, hide their political and=
 economic disasters behind nationalistic
bombast. They also hide the corruption and the swindles of tyrants and drug=
 dealing dictators. The workers
and peasants, students and white collar workers, are the oppressed masses of=
 the countryside and the cities.
They are the unemployed and the victims of starvation, those who make up=
 more than 90% of our peoples.
They have nothing to gain and very much to lose in this kind of militarised=

It is therefore right to denounce the reactionary character of this war.
The Peruvian and Ecuador's big bourgeoisie, and the landowners, big
bureaucrats and high ranking military circles, are all anti-national
elements in both countries. They serve mainly US imperialism. Both sides
sell out our respective motherland to the foreign exploiters.  Both
ferociously repress our masses who only fight for bread, liberty, and
for the people's democracy they need for their authentic development and

During more than 150 years of 'independence', the semi-feudal and
semi-colonial states have fought over the corpse of the Spanish colonial
empire. They have continued oppressing our masses and treating our
territories as their private property. They have failed to offer our
peoples peaceful and secure borders.  They foster and tolerate a situation
of neither peace nor war that entails heavy economic, political and social
burdens for both nations.

Therefore, the popular masses of both our countries must strengthen their
unity.  They must unmask and fight the chauvinistic politicians,
social-fascists and revisionists fanning fratricidal hatred for purely
electoral purposes.  The people and the revolutionaries of Peru have
fifteen years of glorious and heroic experience in fighting and defeating
the genocidal armed forces of the old Peruvian state. They will certainly
render the people of Ecuador the most decided and effective support in
defending their integrity from the criminal merchants of war.

The unity of our peoples in fighting against US imperialism, our main common
enemy, and against their lackeys, the big bourgeoisie and the reactionary
classes of both countries, will develop victoriously.  The
hyena Fujimori may indeed carry out his threats. If he hurls his legions=
against the towns and cities of Ecuador, the masses of that country will
know how to defend their homeland.

They will know that the people and the revolutionaries of Peru - principally
the People's Liberation Army led by the Communist Party - will be in the
same trenches.  They will then stubbornly and ceaselessly fight against the
same enemy.

That the People's War may achieve victory in Peru, and that the people in
Ecuador may find the road to develop it on their own.  This would be the
best guarantee of failure of imperialist and reactionary plots to
divide our peoples and to pit them against each other.

                         DOWN WITH US IMPERIALISM!
                        DOWN WITH REACTIONARY WAR!

Sol-Peru Committee - London

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