KPD/ML and Rolf Martens

Matt D. afn02065 at
Mon Aug 19 14:18:26 MDT 1996

An anonymous MIMster writes:

>a) How do they stand on Hua Guofeng?

Arms akimbo, knees slightly bent.  While most of the comrades
prefer black leather jackets and jeans, I'm usually in my

>b) How do they regard the "Gang of Four"?

We love a man in uniform!  But seriously, Propaganda was
great, their other albums never really seemed to reach
quite to that level.

>c) What is the breakdown of classes in Germany?

Nervous, same as everywhere else.  Lou P. is masterminding
a group of engineers and other technical workers from North
America to help us update our cognac and epsom salt technologies
so as to tackle this problem w/out kowtowing to the imperialists.


>Thank you.

No, *thank you*!

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