Ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls...

Mon Aug 19 15:40:51 MDT 1996

You wrote:
>Adolpho wrote some of his usual crap, to which Hugh "Call Me
>Davidovitch" Rodwell replied:
>>I think we can all imagine Adolfo with a superpower state machine
(secret>>service, trained assassins, a money trough etc) to put some
real clout >>behind his musings.
>Hugh, I can assure you that if we are so unlucky as to find
>that jokers like Don Oleachea haven't withered away in the
>wake of the revolution, we'll be able to find a more appropriate
>place for them than at the helm of the ship of state.
>I'm thinking specifically of the center of a ring, wearing a squirting
>flower and a big red nose, parading about w/ the rest of the
>clowns for the amusement of the masses.
>-- Matt "What's *your* big floppy shoe size, Hugh?" D.
>-- Finger afn02065 at for PGP Public Key --
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   Matt you have not written one meaningful thing the whole time I've
been on this list. Do you have anything political to contribute? I mean
it seems like all you do is make silly remarks,(sometimes witty?)
against your political opponents. Why don't you attack political line?
   Is this what your Great leader kisspee has instructed you to do?
"Attack Don Adolpho and MIM but no attack line, destroy tehm with
insults the dog adolpho and the dirty bulldog and his drug addict pal
"No use Maoism, use teachings of rcyb this is good,remember to defend
our good friend malecki he is good honest comrade, not like the
charlaten and snitch adolpho".
So really Matt if you want to see a real clown look in the mirror.


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