KPD/ML and Rolf Martens

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Mon Aug 19 18:05:26 MDT 1996

Non-gnorant MIMeographs,

1) Do try to read pwoperwy:

Ze name iz not "KPD/ML" but "KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) -

you get ze diffewence?

2) Vy dont you simply write ze people in kvestion and
ask zem?


Best zegards,


>Would klasber or someone with the KPD/ML
>be so kind as to answer some basic questions?
>a) How do they stand on Hua Guofeng?
>b) How do they regard the "Gang of Four"?
>c) What is the breakdown of classes in Germany?
>d) How do they regard the Communist Party of the
>Philippines and the "Sendero Luminoso"?
>Thank you.
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