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"Maoist international Movement" (MIM): A ZINOVIEV SECT OF SUSPECT


MIM Notes No. 39, January 1990. "RCP Moves closer to MIM line.":
"With the publication of the RCP Comment in A World To Win
(November 1988), there is little doubt now that the RCP has moved
closer to the MIM line in many ways...MIM applauds this
progression in the RCP's line...In conclusion, MIM salutes the
developments within the RCP,  particularly in the relationship to
the RIM in the November 1988 issue of A World To Win and the
special issue on Mao...The RIM still has had nothing to say to
MIM, despite the draft of our open letter (now official) to

MIM Notes No.95, p. 9, December 1994 "People's War, not
capitulation, in Peru". MIM states: "If Comrade Gonzalo was
telling the people to lay down their arms, then how come Fujimori
doesn't let Gonzalo speak to the whole people, openly and with
witnesses as to his health? Seeing this, the majority of the
revolutionary Communist Party of Peru (PCP) opposed entering
peace negotiations at all."

Maoist Sojourner, January 1995, p.2, MIM states: "It appears that
Comrade Gonzalo has indeed called on the Peruvian Government for
peace negotiations. There is nothing wrong with that."

MIM Notes 111. April 1996, p. 10: "MIM discontinues Peru work for
now." In the same issue MIM falsified a statement of the PCP:
"Comrade Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian revolution, signed a
document with the RCP-USA and named the RCP-USA as the `principal
leader' of the RIM."

MIM Notes No. 116, June 15, 1996, p. 1. "The Peruvian comrade
abroad [Don Adolfo] asked MIM to cease our work supporting the
Peruvian revolution has retracted his request." As far as we
know, no person associated with the PCP has requested MIM's
support, but opportunistic MIM invents this story to jump into
Luis Arce Borja's ghost organization "World Mobilization
Commission" in which no PCP generated organizations participate.

It is necessary for all honest revolutionaries and progressives
to lead the masses and counter-attack this reactionary slander
against the People's War and the World Proletarian Revolution.

MIM, a tiny gang that claims to be supportive of Maoism, gives
the impression of supporting the People's War, but in reality has
never offered sincere support. MIM's "support" has been distorted
in favor of opportunist and counter-revolutionary views. MIM
distorts the political character of revolutionary developments,
and it expresses self-serving positions through false
characterizations. MIM slanders many modest and sincere
supporters who struggle to give their work, their food, and their
daily efforts to the People's War. MIM calls them "ultraleftists"
and "cops" in a futile attempt to discredit them.  Such
misrepresentation is a clear attack against the PCP, the People's
War in Peru, and the World Proletarian Revolution.

MIM continuously presents the RCP-USA (RCP) as revisionist
clique, and even put up a phony "competition" against the RCP to
deceive people, but at the same time it follows the
misconceptions formulated by the RCP. It pretends to criticize
the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM), but for years
has sought vainly to participate, in that organization, which has
always considered MIM a "suspect entity."

MIM simply reformulates the position published weekly by RCP
since 1993 in its paper "Revolutionary Worker" which says:
"Fujimori has repeatedly claimed that Chairman Gonzalo has made a
call for negotiations from prison. In this situation, what
possible excuse can Fujimori now offer for continuing to deny
Comrade Gonzalo an independent contact...? It is vitally
important for people in Peru and around the world, to hear what
Chairman Gonzalo's views are from Chairman Gonzalo himself,
-directly and unimpeded."

After 16 years of victorious People's War, during the strategic
equilibrium stage in preparation for the strategic
counter-offensive, MIM and RCP suppress or ignores the views of
the main architect of the People's War, President Gonzalo,
especially his historic speech from the cage of September 1992
which in synthesis, called for the people and the Party to
overcome the "bend in the road," developing further the People's
War and continuing the armed struggle to Conquer Power
countrywide, serving the interests of the proletariat and the
masses of poor and oppressed people. Through subterfuge, MIM and
RCP refused to denounce and reject the reactionary "peace accord"
for what it is: a sinister imperialist attack against President
Gonzalo, the PCP, the People's War in Peru, and the World
Proletarian Revolution.

While the RCP creates the false impression that it is unknown if
President Gonzalo wants to continue the armed struggle, MIM
agrees with the CIA's and Fujimori's plot, emphatically stating
that President Gonzalo is calling for peace talks. The RCP
portrays the Fujimori-CIA farce of "peace talks" as "a line
inside the PCP" when everybody knows that Fujimori is NOT a
member of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP.) Both positions are

MIM and RCP positions imply: "So he surrenders, now let us see
him, and now there is no excuse to keep him in isolation; respect
human rights" and they use the cover of "Defend the life of
Doctor Guzman... in this situation." However, it is clear to all
Maoists and sincere supporters of the People's War, that THE
MASSES MAKE HISTORY, and that President Gonzalo would never claim
that his life is more important than the revolution. MIM upholds
the reactionary position that "leaders make history." They focus
on individuals, and use this position to suppress the masses, to
attack the PCP Central Committee leading the masses to the
conquest of Power in People's War, the People's Front for
Liberation (FPL), the People's Committees of Workers and
Peasants, the victories of the heroic People's Army of Liberation
(EPL), and the STRATEGIC EQUILIBRIUM in preparation of the

MIM claims that "the majority" of the PCP takes an anti-peace
position because of President Gonzalo's isolation, and that his
continuing isolation proves that Fujimori is lying.  MIM forgets
that reactionaries all over the world have been deceiving the
masses for years, and the "video" and "peace letters" are simply
components of low intensity warfare, prepared by the intelligence
services aided by a handful of capitulators and revisionists who
were purged from the ranks of the Party.

Since MIM was not able to establish a serious organic
relationship with the MPP abroad, it turned for information on
the People's War to eccentric sources outside the Party such as
the London Charlatan, Adolfo Olaechea. Therefore, MIM is not a
Maoist critic nor a supporter of the Peoples War but an
apprentice of senderology. MIM claims that there are two lines
within the International Communist Movement in support of the
People's War in Peru, "the Right Opportunist Line" and "The
Ultraleft," MIM explains:

"The prestige of the great Peruvian revolutionaries paid for with
the blood of the Peruvian people went into backing revisionism in
the imperialist countries. Peruvian exiles sickened by this could
not help but wish to upgrade their relations with genuine Maoist
organizations like MIM. They did not wish to let revisionists
attract new revolutionary forces to their banner, by using the
prestige of the Peruvian revolution." MIM Sojourner, January

This self-serving statement published by MIM was accompanied by a
proposal to the MPP that: "In exchange for MIM's support and
denunciation of Fujimori's hoax for peace talks, the PCP should
consider MIM, the vanguard Party within the US borders."  MIM's
request clearly has nothing in common with Maoism! The prestige
of the PCP cannot be transferred onto this or any other group as
if it were a commodity traded in the market place. It is always
the duty of authentic revolutionaries to struggle against
revisionism and capitulation in every country by applying
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; it means
revolutionary struggle in theory and practice, not cheap pleas
for "endorsement!"

MIM even claims, without further explanation, to have advanced
its ideology from Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought into
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM). However, this miraculous
transformation occurred only on paper (in MIM Notes!) The fact is
that MIM's ideology upholds metaphysical and idealist views
dressed up with pseudo-radical bourgeois ideology. MlM's ideology
is not Maoist at all.

MIM mentions that both right opportunists and ultraleftists work,
in their own way, to support the revolution in Peru. This is not
true. The capitulators were purged by the People's War and the
"peace hoax" is no more than a scheme made up of a handful of
hired mercenaries and CIA agents operating from outside the PCP
(NOT INSIDE the PCP as the RCP-USA claims.) The capitulators
(right opportunists according to SIN and MIM) are AGAINST the
People's War in Peru; but MIM COVERS THIS FARCE, presenting such
hired mercenaries as "supporters of the revolution."

MlM's bourgeois deceptions do not end there. For MIM, the PCP
Central Committee is ultraleft! This is how MIM presents it:
"Further complicating matters in the International Communist
Movement is an ultraleft line, nicely complementing right
opportunism. According to the ultraleft, armed struggle is always
the immediate task at hand, even in the imperialist countries.
These ultraleftists give no heed to Maoist science, no matter how
many times it proves itself valid. In connection with the
situation in Peru, the ultraleft tried to sow confusion and
attempted to stab the legacy of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao in the
back by acting as if these leaders did not enter into
negotiations with reactionaries of all sorts -imperialists,
comprador, bureaucrat capitalists and right-wing national
bourgeoisie. These elements, though secondary to the right
opportunist elements, implied that Comrade Gonzalo would be
automatically wrong to enter into peace negotiations. They
attempted to restrict Gonzalo's freedom of action and sought to
undermine his leadership from abroad by going further in
attacking more than necessary the peace negotiations. Instead of
simply opposing the laying down of arms, the ultraleft attacked
Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Gonzalo for engaging in or supposedly
engaging in peace negotiations. Comrades who put forward this
line should criticize publicly the idea that peace negotiations
are always bad, or that they prove their infidelity to the
principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism." (emphasis added.)

There is no connection between the people who support the armed
struggle in Peru and those "ultraleftists" that MIM refers to so
much. MIM fabricates a crazy story in which "to the ultraleft,
armed struggle is always the immediate task at hand, even in the
imperialist countries." MIM should clarify the origin of these
fantasies, because it is a clear falsification, and an attack
against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought. It is a
vulgarization of the Peruvian revolution.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought clearly considers the
People's War as the principal form of struggle in the strategic
offensive of the World Proletarian Revolution. The People's War
in every country will develop unevenly, at diverse locations and
at various times, depending on the revolutionary situation, the
Communist Parties and their guiding ideology. Revolutionary
actions must aim at supporting, preparing, and developing the
People's War in every country, considering concrete national and
international conditions, considering that revolutionary violence
is the essence of Marxism, and that "political power grows out of
the barrel of a gun." It is not true that those who support the
People's War -and the PCP- consider "armed struggle as the
immediate task at hand". Only adventurists and "focoists" act in
this way, neglecting objective conditions.

MIM openly attacks Lenin, Stalin, Mao and President Gonzalo, but
it does so under the subterfuge of defending them against an
"ultraleft" that can only exist in the heads of the individuals
in MIM. MIM lies when it writes: "The ultraleft tried to sow
confusion and attempted to stab the legacy of Lenin, Stalin and
Mao in the back by acting as if these great leaders did not enter
into negotiations with reactionaries of all sorts...". MIM could
well write that "Lenin, Stalin and Mao negotiated the revolution
with reactionaries of all sorts", in other words, they betrayed
the revolution. This is an absolute lie, this is plain
Trotskyism. MIM then covers up its Trotskyism by defending the
"legacy" of "these great leaders." But MIM presents negotiations
with reactionaries of all sorts as the "legacy" to defend. This
is a reactionary position; an attempt to deceive the masses and
spread the seeds of capitulation.

MIM goes further. It distorts President Gonzalo's positions and
attacks him: "These elements (the "ultraleft") implied that
Comrade Gonzalo would be automatically wrong to enter into peace
negotiations." Here's the role of MIM at the service of the
intelligence services. A "Maoist caricature" of Cointelpro. MIM,
ignoring actual objective conditions, suggests that it is
incorrect to completely reject the farce prepared and applied by
the CIA, through its puppet Fujimori government.

Then MIM accuses the "ultraleft" of an "attempt to restrict
Gonzalo's freedom of action and seeks to undermine his leadership
>from  abroad by going further in attacking more than necessary
the peace negotiations."  According to MIM, to expose, reject,
and counter-attack such a reactionary farce "restricts Gonzalo's
freedom of action and undermines its leadership". BUT WHAT
FREEDOM OF ACTION? It is clear to the whole world that President
Gonzalo is below ground in complete isolation, and in a cage in
prison, suffering continuous torture. This is the same argument
advanced by mercenaries and CIA agents, to make believe that
President Gonzalo requested a "peace accord" on his own "free
initiative." In addition, MIM states that the leadership of
President Gonzalo was undermined because of the successful
campaign in Peru and abroad, against the imperialist "peace
negotiation" farce; and that such an "anti-peace" was "more than

MIM desperately tries to defame as "traitors" and "cops" those
who support the People's War, "traitors," because the
counter-revolutionary "peace accord" campaign MIM supported is
defeated, and "cops," because we have exposed MIM and its
"Sojourners" as counterrevolutionary agents. MIM objects to the
revolutionary advance in the United States through the work of
many groups with the MPP. MIM is taking the side of the
counter-revolution. MIM speaks the same words of the
reactionaries, and it openly promotes "peace negotiation." This
is MIM, a pseudo "Maoist" Organization, a likely creature of the
Yankee intelligence services now seeking to jump into a "world
mobilization commission" to legitimize itself and seeking to
split the Communist movement in support of the People's War. This
is not the revisionist CPUSA of Gus Hall. This is not a Trotskyst
Party SWP, and this is not the Republican Party. It is MIM!

MIM slanders and attacks honest supporters of the armed struggle
in Peru. What is the ultraleft? When? How? and Where? MIM does
not back up with facts any of its illusions and allegations.
There is no such "ultraleft" within our ranks. If there is a cop,
surely it must be inside MIM. MIM's slanders against the PCP are
plain lies. On the other hand, MIM's political record is clear:
1) MIM supports capitulation and the CIA's peace hoax,
2) once  we defeated the capitulators abroad, MIM announced its
"suspension of support for the People's War,"
3) once we unmasked MIM's counterrevolutionary positions, MIM now
jumped into Arce Borja's "World Mobilization Commission." Truly
opportunist and reactionary political behavior.

Above all, people who support the revolution in Peru are
conscious of the fact that after 16 years of victorious People's
War, at present in strategic equilibrium and preparing the
strategic counter-offensive, with a system of Base Areas; with a
heroic PCP leading the victorious People's Army and People's
Front, and with increasingly bold international support, it would
be treason to negotiate a "peace accord" now for the benefit of
imperialism. It is obvious that the People's War is advancing
towards the Conquest of Power in the whole country, and the only
ones who want to stop it are the imperialists and reactionaries
in Peru and all over the world. For the PCP, there is no reason
to "negotiate peace." On the contrary, there is every reason for
the PCP to lead the armed struggle to complete the new democratic
revolution, and continue with the Socialist Revolution and
Cultural Revolutions, to reach Communism in Peru and the whole
world. These are the tasks, considering concrete conditions and
the situation as a whole.

Working people! Supporters! Comrades! Consider concrete
conditions and the situation as a whole, and remember what our
respected President Mao Tse-Tung clearly expressed: "To fight is
to survive, to make peace is to perish."


           May 1996.
Peru People's Movement (MPP.)

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