The Labor Party and Trotskyists!

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Tue Aug 20 01:37:30 MDT 1996

I have been away and missed a good part of this debate on the labor party.
However this discussion is fairly important because we are facing the same
situation here in the Scandinavian countries. The trend is towards the Blair
solution and in fact Tony has been on TV here offering his ideas to the
Social Democracy in Sweden in order to solve the problems facing the party.

What is quite clear is that there is still a big difference between the tops
and the party apparatus and the trade union bureaucracy in the Social
Democracy. One sees it everyday in the newspapers, on the radio and tv.
There are two explicit tendencies at this point who are battling for control
of the direction of the party.

The one is the open pro capitalist road which derives its support from the
middle class which is becoming more conservative and moving quickly to the
right and drawing the party tops with it. The other is the workers movement
that is moving to the left because of the cuts of the pro capitalist right
wing and mass unemployment. The labor bureacracy is to the right of this
movement and is trying desperately to show the leadership of the party that
its policies are destroying its working class base and threatening the union
bureaucracy that loyallly held the party up through all the years of
reformist politics.

However this is no longer a viable alternative for the dominant right wing
fraction of the party who has turned to the "Center" Party (a bougeois
party) based on the farmers of Sweden in order to drive through its
policies. Although not a coalition government it is as near as one can get
to a coalition government.

However, i think that the debate here is top down based on what the tops and
union bureaucrats are doing instead of looking at the class and what is
happening their. Crys of despair and desperation along with massive
resentment to the present cuts all along the line makes the workers movement
a pressure cooker awaiting to explode.

Thus i think at this point a bold iniative of a new workers party based on
both defensive and offensive demands including the popular slogan of a real
workers government certainly should be seen as a viable alternative to the
present jockying around the twists and turns of the labor tops of the trade
union bureaucracy. Also the possilbility of and independant list of trade
union candidates on a clear program could also deserve support at this
particular point. However with the downfall of Stalinism and the lurch by
the Social Democracy into the capitalist camp i think the first alternative
is the best.

Trotskyist parties and independant candidates as Trotskyists on a clear
program is an opening at this point that we should not miss. For the first
time in history for a long time this can be the rallying cry for tens of
thousands of workers in motion.

Hopefully the years of trecking out in the wilderness and the blantant
opportunism of some of the "Trotskyists" groups in all kinds of circus acts
will now come to a halt and we can mobilise our forces around the TP and
move forward.

To miss this chance would be the end of the Trotskyist current in
revolutionary politics. Because the workers will turn there backs to those
who are not prepared to go all the way and they are right!

Forward to a reforged Fourth International.

For Mass Trotskyist Parties throughout Europe..


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