Louis confesses!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Tue Aug 20 01:37:41 MDT 1996

>Louis: Did it ever occur to you, Louis, that people like Doug and I are
>sick and tired of being the target of ideological attacks from people who
>do not even regard us as Marxists? I want to be in a space, for example,
>where a debate might take place between David Harvey and James O'Connor.
>Harvey was in NY in July speaking on Capital at the Brecht Forum. The
>subject of O'Connor's "2nd contradiction" of Capital came up and Harvey
>stated that he disagreed with this notion. Basically, he said that
>capitalism has ways of adapting to apparently "apocalyptic" environmental

The above is a confession by Louis. He is tired of being called a Menshevik
and wants to be in a room with his friends. OK, his right to do that. I on
the other hand want to be in a room with some of those workers that stormed
the parliment in Australia, or some of the Urban poor of America or Turkey
or a trade uniion hall etc.
This is the basic difference between those who want to lead a revolution and
those that want to either hide from it or tail it if not directly taking it
down the road of defeat like in Nicaragua...

>Now both Harvey and O'Connor have email and I would love to see them
>exchange ideas. Do you think they would be comfortable in a space where we
>get daily lectures from Rolf Martens on the wonders of plutonium? I
>started reading a book on nuclear power a few days ago in order to answer
>him and I realized what a waste of time it would be. I would want to talk
>about Kerr-McGee and Karen Silkwood, and he would want to talk about
>Chicago gangsters and cosmic energy.

Naturally these people are welcome to the list. But is the list for
satisfaction for our so called "marxist" intellectuals to stimulate their
brains around the subjects described above or is the list for people who are
trying to find a way forward to smash capitalism and struggle for communism?
For Louis it appears to be a place of fun and adventure for petty bourgeois
intellectuals. I say that this list must become a spokesman for the workers
and peasants and urban poor. It is their voices and those who stand on their
side that marxism is a tool for and not some sandbox for our New York
librarian. There is a clear class position on the list and it should be
discussed! Not the whims of Louis the whiner and defender of the list elite.
I demand that people take a position on this class question!
>This list sometimes reminds me of one of those Jacques Cousteau
>documentaries. We are at the very bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and see all
>sorts of exotic creatures. There is a Malecki eel with a penis where a
>nose usually goes and a vagina at the mouth. This creatures has
>intercourse with itself and propagates the species. Over there we have a
>Martens squid. This creature pours out gallons of poisonous ink at
>predators. The ink, while not lethal, can put its foe into a deep sleep
>for weeks.

Finally a honest Louis opinion about poor and working class people who
disagree with his Menshevik politics. All those who don,t agree with Louis
and especially those who have not had the bougeois privilege of a better
school are all kinds of thinks. Naturally this reminds me of Louis's recent
condemnation of the word "Cockroach" that i use in the title of the paper i
give out on the net. He reminded the list of how Malecki sees the workers.
Well above is how Louis sees poor and working class people. Believe me that
his position above is really the work of a bourgeois liberal who wants to
let the working class know where they stand on his list.

As i said Louis, and i say again! We will meet on the barricades and i will
be marching with the "eels," "penises" or Cockroaches against the Mensheviks
to bring them down! By the way you forgot cunt! It belongs in your ravings
against poor and working class people on this list. How about "Welfare
mother cunt" Louis? That is your style and coming from a petty bougeois
Menshevik also. Why go wash your mouth out with soap some would say. However
i say.

We are gonna take you out of the fucking castle your living in and put you
to work for the dictatorship of the Proletariat or in jail. Your decide you
Menshevik slimeball!


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