Australia: Police savagely attack Aborigines 21/8

Hartin, Tony thartin at
Tue Aug 20 16:38:00 MDT 1996

I've just heard the latest news from Canberra,

The day after unionists and aborigines laid seige to parliament house,
police have savagely attacked an aborigine rally in Canberra.

I've just seen the bourgeois news and have no other details, but it looks
like a rally of at least some hundreds was set upon by riot cops in a
completely unprovoked attack.

There were some serious injuries amongst aborigines and it wouldn't surprise
me if there were critical injuries.

Police regularly murder aborigines in prison. Black deaths in custody is one
of the many scandals of the Australian's state repression of the indiginous
population. The conditions and statistics regarding Aborigines lives are
absolutely appaling. Funding for aborigines, which was at pathetic levels
anyway has had 1/2 billion dollars slashed from it by the Liberals.

We now have a clear demonstration of what Prime Minister Howard means by
Australian standards.

Tony Hartin

P.S: I have also just seen what the new "democratic" state in South Korea
has just done to its young university students.
I salute them for their courage

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