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<<  neither
 has justified their anti-party individualism and their
 attacks on the MIM press in the name of a semi-proletarian
 led strike expressing straight-up imperialist consciousness.
 And neither offered any offensive strategy for changing
 the situation where the proletariat is the tail on the
 semi-proletarian dog.

 The supporters of the Detroit Strike have petered out
 and returned to their usual mode of emotional insults
 devoid of any substance. One even provided false factual
 information on Black and white workers while defending
 the mythology of the white proletariat of the imperialist

 Tsk, tsk, tsk, and MIM never said what their great PARTY
is doing to organize the proletariat.  The Detroit Newspaper
Workers' strike supporters whom they misquote and denounce
have made no attempt to present themselves as a party like
MIM does.  MIM also refuses to grasp that even most of the
journalists in any newspaper have no real control over the
content of the newspaper, and therefore blames the journalists
rather than the owners and their managers (editors and
publishers) for the pro-imperialist content of the newspaper.
(Not to mention the fact that most newspaper workers are NOT
journalists anyway.)

So, it is MIM who is the real pathetic.


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